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Pilbara - Koodaideri site, 2020

Rio Tinto's first solar plant to power new iron ore mine

Koodaideri, our most technologically advanced mine yet.

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Red Cross Australia

Supporting Australian Bushfire Relief and Recovery

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Revolution-Al™ being examined in a lab

A new aluminium alloy is born

Stronger and more sustainable.

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Rio Tinto Indigenous partnerships

"Their spirits are here now"

Sharing country and culture.

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Sustainable diamond

The world's most coveted diamonds

Beauty and integrity.

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How is work changing?

Three new ways to look at the work of the future.

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Mark the robot at Kennecott

Meet Mark, our superhero robot

He’s smart, he’s tough, he keeps us safe – and bonus, he saves us money too.

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Here’s another reason to love your morning coffee

Like you needed another reason.

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Skyscrapers from below

How can a company and a country grow together?

Five ways we're working with Australians, for all of Australia.

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Aluminium bicycles

Five reasons you should love aluminium as much as we do

We're passionate about producing this high-quality, groundbreaking material.

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Low-carbon windfarm

Five things the world will need for a low-carbon future

Wind, sun and water – what else do you need to make renewable energy work?

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Road cutting through forest

Five surprising facts about future travel in Australia

We’re working with the transport industry to move Australia forward.

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Game controller in Perth operations centre

What if gamers could become miners? 

Technology is changing the shape of the mining industry.

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Pilbara AutoHaul train

How did one of the world's largest robots end up here?

From big data to building the first autonomous train, innovation is part of our DNA.

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Reunion at the airport

How does our story become yours?

We make the stuff you use every day.

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Matt Key, drone pilot

Life as a drone pilot

Rio Tinto Kennecott's Matt Key arguably has one of the best job titles - and best jobs - in the world.

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Elysis aluminium

Can aluminium production really be emissions-free?

Rio Tinto and Alcoa are revolutionising the way aluminium is made.

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Ugly Butt the bear

Meet Ugly Butt

Not your average bear – but then, this isn't your average job.

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Oyu Tolgoi employees underground

What does it take to mine 2km underground?

Four technologies you’ll see in copper mines of the future.

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World of the future

What in the world do mining and rocket science have in common?

Funny you should ask.

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Modern explorers

Life, as a modern explorer

It really is one of the best jobs in the world.

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Frances Whittle, Land Management & Rehabilitation

Planting the future

When you're rehabilitating land, you work with the people who know it best.

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Great Barrier Reef, Australia

How can a ship of precious cargo help protect a national treasure?

We've turned one of our ships into a floating laboratory to monitor the Great Barrier Reef.

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Car driving through forest

Can safer cars also be more sustainable?

We’re doing our part to help car manufacturers build lighter, stronger and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Rio Tinto's rainbow logo

Swapping Red for Rainbow

A conversation with Vera Kirikova, Human Resources Group executive and Caroline, co-chair of Rio Tinto’s LGBTI+ committee.

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The new mineral, jadarite

Want to know if we’ve found kryptonite?

We discovered a new mineral, jadarite, an important source of lithium which is used to power electric vehicles

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Airplane shadow over desert

Keep Flynn flying

Joining forces with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to keep Australia’s emergency wards flying in the sky.

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Weipa port

A formula for making better decisions

How we used maths to ship more bauxite and save millions of dollars a year.

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