Employees at walking and talking at Canga East Camp along road to Pic de Fon, Simandou Guinea


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Nadia, a physics expert

Modelling strong connections

Meet Nadia – a physics expert drawing on people power to help decarbonise the mining industry

Image of yellow cells in microscopic view with black background

Tiny clues, big discoveries

How microscopes are powering modern exploration.

Jodie standing in front of bulldozer at a mining site

Wrangling the world’s biggest bulldozers

Step into the driver’s seat of one of the biggest dozers in the world

Profile photo of Az, a role model helping young Indigenous men achieve their potential

Always beside you

Meet Az, a role model helping young Indigenous men achieve their potential

Photo of flatback turtle crawling on the sands in Cape Lambert port in Western Australia.

Conserving our ancient mariners

Working to protect marine turtles through community partnerships

Straw biomass

A new way to decarbonise steelmaking

Tackling a global challenge

Rio Tinto employees gathering to see 3D augmentation of landscape terrain

Mapping new terrain for community engagement

Interactive 3D-printed technology is helping us share knowledge as we plan and close mining operations

Allen, technical marketing specialist

Bringing boron and batteries together

Meet the multi-materials expert who is passionate about bridging the gap between technical expertise and customer needs


Stabilising the world’s deepest open pit mine

Meet the geotechnical expert improving mine safety through international collaboration

Women tying her work boot that has LGBTQ+ colours

True colours

We’re committed to making every one of our workplaces a safe place for all - that means everyone feeling they can show up as their authentic self.


Nothing matters more

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people is our top priority across some of the world’s most extreme environments


Our contribution to Western Australia

We're committed to contributing to a shared future and positive legacy in Western Australia.

Dampier Salt

A tiny grain with a huge impact

In the latest episode of "Things You Can't Live Without," Dr. Anna Ploszajski chats with chef Buddha Lo and our Chief Advisor Process Development, Amy Lamb, about something we all take for granted: salt. It's a simple kitchen staple, yet a giant in both the culinary world and industry.

Juvenile Palm Cockatoo, photographer Celina Cacho

Using AI to help conserve “Ringo Starr” bird hollows

We’re advancing palm cockatoo research with technology trials at Weipa

Reusable bottle

The rise of reusable water bottles

Ever wondered what keeps your water ice-cold on a scorching day? In our podcast, Things You Can’t Live Without, writer, actress and TV host, Alie Ward reveals her surprising must-have – a reusable cup that keeps her water icy even in the LA heat.

Plastic bottles

Turning trash into treasure

In the latest episode of our podcast, Things You Can’t Live Without, host and materials scientist Dr Anna Ploszajski chats with Foley artist, Shelley Roden, and Saskia Duyvesteyn, our Chief Advisor, Research & Development, Copper, about turning trash into treasure.

A man on ship looking at the sea

Staying safe at sea

Working with key maritime partners to improve crew welfare and safety

History art architecture windmill energy technology

What you might not know about wind power

Discover how an ancient invention is helping decarbonise our operations

Liz Patu at training

Tackling it all

A short documentary series with the Queensland Reds is inspiring working women everywhere


Rolling improvements reduce risk

Automation is helping make our rail hubs safer, thanks to team-driven innovation

Family using electric bicycle

How lithium is powering up the bicycle

Despite the recent surge in popularity, the electric bike has been more than 200 years in the making with its origins dating back to the late 1800s.


What happens next?

This International Women's Day, we're focused on what still needs to be done to improve gender equity in our industry

Ilmenite hematite

From comfort zone to microphone

Podcast series changes people’s views on everyday items

Copper banner

The element of surprise

Copper’s hidden connection to the online dictionary and almost everything in our daily lives

Urban solar farm

Leadership in sustainable mine closure

A new program aims to get everyone thinking about the end from day one

Railway track

Co-creating the future of low carbon steel

Our evolving relationship with China Baowu is helping meet global demand for steel and transition to lower emissions technologies


Salt of the Earth

A cross-country move has revealed unexpected leadership opportunities.

City landscape

Partnerships in Asia for global impact

Working together to deliver decarbonisation, social support and commercial innovation


Automating Australia’s place in Space

Meet the engineer using mining automation technology in Space for astronomical benefits on Earth

Whaft near Gladstone

A bright spark

We’re driving the development of Australia’s largest solar power project to help repower our assets in Gladstone, Queensland


These diamonds aren’t forever

A behind the scenes look at one of our rare gem auctions

Copper cables

Nuton: A better way to produce copper

We’ve developed a new technology that can produce copper in a more sustainable way

Festive lights

All that shimmers and shines

Metals and minerals will help bring your celebrations to life this season

Phone scanning the START label

How do you make a nutrition label for the materials the world needs?

By tracing the steps from START to finish

Aluminium cans

From bauxite to beverage cans

Using blockchain to help trace our responsible materials


From hospitality to hauling

Since moving from Japan to the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia, Mari’s had a fascinating career trajectory – changing gears from hospitality to driving huge mining trucks and excavators.


Holding the door open

Respect and inclusion are values we can’t take for granted

The Scandium Project site

The power of tech, teams and tales

How breakthroughs, partnerships and people are driving transformational change in the critical minerals sector

Rehabilitating red mud banner

Rehabilitating red mud

Renewing bauxite residue while reducing our environmental impact

Copper banner

Busting some rocky myths

We’ve done some digging to bust a few pervasive myths about rocks, minerals and mining

GMG product

The world needs more batteries – this clean-tech company is developing a new solution

From humble beginnings, GMG’s vision and tenacity are paying off

Recognising our local WA suppliers

Recognising our local WA suppliers

Our Western Australian awards program is celebrating our suppliers for innovation, safety and sustainability

Closure banner

An agent for change

Advocating for change from within the mining industry

Boron in solar energy

What is boron and how is it used in solar energy?

An essential material for a low-carbon future

Titanium used in planes

Extracting scandium from waste

Pioneering a new source of a critical mineral

Haul truck at Kennecott, Bingham Canyon Mine

Fuelling our trucks with renewable diesel

Diesel made from renewable raw materials is helping us reduce emissions

Melbourne Mining Club

Honouring heritage and finding better ways for the future

Key insights from our Chief Executive Jakob Stausholm’s Melbourne Mining Club discussion

Aida is a tailings and dams engineer at Marandoo

Using our heads to improve our tails

Meet one of the engineers helping to rethink how we manage mining tailings

Yarwun Alumina Refinery from the air

Could hydrogen help reduce emissions in the aluminium industry?

A new pilot program will help us find out

Weipa seeds

Sowing seeds for stronger rehabilitation

We’re working with community seed collectors to improve how we restore land after mining

Aluminium cans

Sustainability – the expectation, not the exception

Shaping our aluminium product offering to meet demand for greener metals

Wickham banner

Building thriving communities

We’re proud to have been part of the Western Australian community for more than 50 years

Gudai-Darri solar farm, Pilbara

Harnessing renewables to decarbonise the Pilbara

Sun and wind will power one of the world's largest microgrids

Yandicoogina sunrise - Pilbara

Juukan Gorge: Learning from the past, to find better ways

In this year of our 150th anniversary, we’re looking both to the past, and to the future.

Banner image

A new model for mining

How an environmentalist became the CEO of a mining company

Banner image

Training the palmy paparazzi

Meet the engineer supporting conservation by teaching computer models how to find rare birds

Banner image

Walking together towards our true selves

Feeling comfortable to be your true self is a core part of feeling included, supported and productive at work

Wind energy

Firming up renewables in mining

Our Chief Scientist, Nigel Steward, on long-term energy storage

Dave and solar panels, Kennecott operations

Turning slime into solar panels

Our Kennecott copper mine is extracting a rare, valuable metal from waste

Supporting the Western Australian Community

Supporting the Western Australian Community

Contributing to strong and thriving Western Australian communities is at the heart of what we do

Water management at Diavik

Making water management clearer

Our new online platform gives a transparent view of our surface water use

Product of Mongolia banner

Breaking new ground for copper supply

Taking the world’s fourth-largest copper mine underground

Hydrogen banner

Hydrogen’s role in producing lower-carbon materials

Our Chief Scientist, Nigel Steward, on green hydrogen

Two way mentoring banner

Shared connections create cultural understanding

Increasing Indigenous knowledge-sharing through 2-way Mentoring program

Garry with his family on parental leave

Empowering families with flexibility

Supporting new parents of any gender with equal access to parental leave


A change in approach

Protecting cultural heritage in the Pilbara

Mount Rosser rehabilitation

The slow journey from red mud to green plants

Finding new ways to rehabilitate red mud

QIT Madagascar Mineral community

Finding better ways to decarbonise our operations in Africa

Sinead Kaufman, Chief Executive Minerals

Low-carbon windfarm

7 things the world will need for a low-carbon future

Wind, sun and water – what else do you need to make renewable energy work?

RTM Tasman vessel, marine operation

Decarbonising the high seas

Finding solutions to shipping’s global carbon emissions

Autonomous vehicles

New tech for renewable transport

Transitioning the Pilbara to zero-emission trucks and trains

Electric car chargers

Europe’s race to decarbonise requires a secure and sustainable supply of critical minerals 

By Sinead Kaufman, Chief Executive, Minerals, Rio Tinto

Tractor with CHAC

Mining waste is fertile ground

Finding a new use for a by-product of aluminium production

By Dominic Barton, Chair, Rio Tinto

Mining's next chapter has begun and needs a clear story

Mining is essential to the energy transition. Attracting the right people and helping them connect to the opportunity to make a difference is crucial to success.


Amid chaos and uncertainty, Canada has an opportunity for industrial leadership

Jakob Stausholm, Chief Executive of Rio Tinto

Forming genuine cultural connections

Forming genuine cultural connections

Learning from Indigenous peoples’ deep knowledge of the environment


Artefacts reveal new insights to history

A new Canadian research project aims to resolve “unfinished business”

Electric car charging

Charging up the battery market

We’re scaling up and working smarter to meet demand for renewables

Autonomous truck, Gudai-Darri, Pilbara

Look inside a mine of the future

Our most intelligent mine yet is pioneering new mining technologies

Test tubes on a bench

Big data offers tiny solutions

Microbes could help us mine more sustainably

Birds on a sandbar

Exploring nature-based solutions to climate change

Investing in conservation will accelerate decarbonisation

Electric car near a body of water

Creating a sustainable supply of minerals for a decarbonised future

The role of technological breakthroughs and the circular economy

Herder, Mongolia

Goat to coat

Reimagining sustainability with cashmere

Machinery, Oyu Tolgoi

Decade of innovation, lifetime of opportunity

Many standout moments have helped define the first 10 years of operation at Oyu Tolgoi

Shipping, Pilbara

Contributing to Western Australia’s economic growth

Creating opportunities for everyone

Holden, United States

Closure: towards a positive legacy

Overcoming closure challenges at a former mine site

Borrow area, Gove

Re-planting an ecosystem without topsoil

Researching new techniques to rehabilitate land


Nurturing an innovative culture 

Capturing employees’ creative ideas to solve business problems

The Careers Department, Tom Price, Pilbara

You can't be what you can't see

Helping Australian students discover their future career

Close-up of chain links

How can mining companies contribute to sustainable supply chains?

Partnering with customers and suppliers to tackle industry challenges

Saguenay Operations, Canada

What the energy transition means for our business

How we’re raising our decarbonisation ambition

Vertical green code

Mining exploration – what does the future hold?

Sinead Kaufman, Chief Executive Minerals

Bauxite, Gove Operations

Nose to tail mining

Making the most of what we take from the ground

Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean

Stronger together

Supporting entrepreneurship in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec

Tshiuetin Rail Transportation, Canada

Schefferville on track for growth

North America’s first Indigenous-owned and operated railroad 

Josette, Director of Arvida Research & Development Centre

Meet Josette: Mind Mixer In Chief

Josette leads the team innovating more sustainable aluminium

Water atomised steel powder

A new steel powder for 3D printing

Something infinitely small is making a big change

Associate Professor Kirsten Perrett

Unlocking the mystery behind COVID-19 immunity

Dr Kirsten Perrett is leading new research that could help protect communities

Holotype of the Blind Cave Eel

Investigating MARs

Finding new ways to manage water responsibly

Water droplet

Solving water

A low-carbon way to make fresh water