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We supply the metals and minerals used to help the world grow and decarbonise


Fossil fuels extracted


Company in the world verified by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative and Copper Mark programs

1.8 million cars

Equivalent potential reduction in GHG emissions in Canada alone by using ELYSIS technology

The metals and minerals we provide are used in everyday life, and for the transition to low-carbon energy – iron ore for the steel in electricity infrastructure, copper for renewable technology, aluminium for lightweight cars, and lithium for batteries.

We continue to build the sustainability of our own mining and processing practices, while also helping our customers do the same.

We’re focused on

  • Investing in materials necessary for the energy transition, and helping customers develop more secure and sustainable supply chains.
  • Providing low-carbon products, like our Canadian aluminium, and progressing ELYSISTM zero-carbon smelting technology.
  • Helping customers to decarbonise their processes through R&D partnerships.

What we produce

Jet engine blades


Lightweight and infinitely recyclable, aluminium is found in everything from jet engines to electric vehicles to mobile phones
Elliptical stairway in building


Deposited millions of years ago, borates are crystallised salts that contain boron
Solar panels


From the days of antiquity, copper has been used for its many benefits
Rough diamonds from Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada


Diamonds often mark our most unique and important moments, helping us to celebrate the best things in life.
Metal end product

Ferrous Metallics

Ferrous metals are any metal that contains iron. Because of their strength, you can find ferrous metals in everyday items from skyscrapers to cars.

Iron Ore

Iron ore, one of the most abundant metals on Earth, is the primary raw material used to make steel
Electric car dashboard


Lithium is considered a critical mineral by many countries
Salt banner


Salt is essential for human life. A well-known food ingredient, salt is also critical for many industries
Aluminium billet, Boyne Smelters


Considered a critical mineral by countries including the United States, Canada and Australia, scandium is a rare, versatile and useful metal
Titanium used in planes

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium is a vital building block for renewable energy
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Providing the materials the world needs in a responsible way

We have a range of R&D and supply chain partnerships underway to both reduce our footprint and meet customer needs – not just on carbon, but across environmental, social and governance considerations more broadly.


Bringing to market materials critical to urbanisation and a low-carbon economy