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Supplier Portals

Rio Tinto is committed to building strong relationships with our supplier partners, including providing you with the best tools and systems to make it easy to do business with us.

  • SAP Ariba Network
  • SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing
  • Avetta & Cognibox
  • SAP Fieldglass
  • Iron Ore - CMS Website
  • Rio Tinto Buy Local
  • Passport

SAP Ariba Network

We moved to SAP's Ariba Network in 2017 and are establishing Ariba Network as our primary transactional platform for purchase orders, as well as follow-on transactions like confirmation of purchase order receipt and submission of invoices. We want to establish a strong digital connection with all of our suppliers. Exchanging documents electronically saves time and see invoices processed faster.

Email the Rio Tinto Digital Sustainability Team RioTintoeCommerce@riotinto.com for any questions regarding transacting on SAP Ariba Network.

Benefits of connecting with us through Ariba Network 

  • Faster start to your payment cycle: Invoices enter Rio Tinto’s system directly and not through a scanning or postal process
  • Increased visibility of the status of your invoices
  • Information all in one place - no missing emails or misinterpretation of requirements
  • Order acknowledgements and/or submit order changes are returned in the system so no emails or waiting which could hold up payment
  • Changes to purchasing information are visible to both parties so that any errors can be identified and resolved quickly 

Account options: Enterprise, Standard

We use two connection types on Ariba Network (previously called Hosted & Light Account). Please contact SAP Ariba for further information on these connection types and to discuss the option best suited to your business and budget.

  • Enterprise
  • Standard
  • Receive and manage transactions through a secure cloud-based portal
  • Has additional functionality including csv uploads, catalogues detailing your products, access to long term invoice archiving, reporting and additional Ariba support
  • Subscribed connection type so there are costs associated with using the platform
  • Larger volumes can integrate with the suppliers system to reduce manual touch on all transactions
  • Free
  • Transactions through Ariba Network come via interactive email
  • A hyperlink embedded in the email gives access to a purchase order, confirm/acknowledge/change order and invoice
  • No system limit on transactions
  • Suppliers can upgrade to an Enterprised connection type at any time by contacting Ariba

SAP Ariba Network FAQs

  • What is SAP Ariba?
    SAP Ariba is a cloud-based procurement platform for both buyers and suppliers. Through SAP Ariba, businesses of all sizes can connect to their trading partners anywhere, at any time, and from any application or device to buy, sell, and manage their cash more efficiently.
  • Can we continue to trade with Rio Tinto if we do not want to move to the Ariba Network?
    Yes. While moving onto the Ariba Network will eventually become the primary platform when trading with Rio Tinto, it will not be mandatory under current contract arrangements. Where new contracts or renewals are awarded then it will be expected that the supplier use Ariba Network for all goods transactions.  
  • We already trade on the Ariba Network with other customers and would like to include Rio Tinto orders on the same platform. How do we initiate this?
    Current suppliers to Rio Tinto can email to activate an Ariba Network trading relationship with us.
  • Do we still notify Rio Tinto of any vendor account changes if we are on the Ariba Network? (ie phone, email, bank details etc)
    Yes, there is no integration between the information stored on Ariba Network about your company and the master data maintained by Rio Tinto in our vendor database system. All changes must still be submitted to Rio Tinto as per the Vendor Management processes for your country/region.
  • What support does SAP Ariba offer to ensure we can continue to trade effectively on the Ariba Network platform?

    SAP Ariba has a global footprint of over 2 million suppliers using their eCommerce network. They have supplier support structures in USA, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa and Europe. Ensuring suppliers are supported is important to us.   
    Information and help is provided by:

    • Contacting the SAP Ariba Support Centre (email, live chat and call back options)
    • Online help tools in the SAP Ariba Learning Centre
  • I cannot remember my username and/or Password to log in to my Ariba Network account.

    Go to the Ariba Network Supplier login page and click on the feature “Having Trouble Logging In?” Select the appropriate option based on username or password and continue.

    If none of the options are suitable, select “Help Centre” on the page and log your problem for further support.

  • How do I access the former administrator's account?

    If the account administrator is still with your company, they can reassign the administrator account to another user or change their user information to a different person.

    If the account administrator is no longer with your company, but you have access to the registered email:

    1. Go to the “Having trouble logging in?” link on the login page to request a Password Reset.
    2. After accessing the account, you can transfer the account administration role or reassign the administrator account to yourself.

    If the account administrator is no longer with your company and there is no access to the email address on file, contact SAP Ariba Customer Support via the Support Centre to change the administrator. You will be required to provide the ANID number of the account, the listed administrator name, and email address.

  • Will using the Ariba Network impact how I transact with the other ecommerce applications offered by Rio Tinto such as TRACK, SAP Fieldglass or Supply Chain Finance? 
    Ariba Network is a cloud-based B2B platform where you transmit and receive purchasing and invoice transactions between a buyer and a seller. It does not have any impact or change how you currently transact on any other solutions.
  • Does Rio Tinto support electronic catalogs on Ariba Network?

    For suppliers that are transacting in the Ariba Network, there are multiple benefits of connecting with Rio Tinto through the functionalities of Ariba Catalogs. Rio Tinto offers two ways of uploading catalogs:

    • Static catalogs / CIF catalogs (Excel template) – Ariba catalogs can be created in an Excel template, that is upload onto the Ariba Network for Rio Tinto
    • Punchout catalogs (e-Commerce platforms) – connecting through Ariba Network to your existing e-commerce platforms or website

    If you are interested in connecting your company via the Ariba Catalog functionality, please have a discussion with your Rio Tinto representative or contact us at RioTintoeCommerce@riotinto.com

  • What documents can we send and receive via the Ariba Network?

    Rio Tinto supports the below documents:

    • Receive purchase orders / confirm purchase orders / request purchase order change
    • Submit advance ship notice / receive goods receipt notification
    • Submit invoices/ receive invoice status updates
    • Submit credit note
    • Receive payment proposal and remittance advice

SAP Ariba Network

Email the Rio Tinto Digital Sustainability Team for any questions regarding transacting on SAP Ariba


Ariba Sourcing

Ariba is the simple and structured digital platform used by our global Procurement teams to issue sourcing events. Sourcing events, also known as bid events, can be issued in a number of formats, including a Request for Proposal (RFP), a Request for Quote (RFQ), and a Request for Information (RFI).

We send out an email with all the necessary information to access the event to suppliers who are invited to join a sourcing or bid event.

There are two ways to access a sourcing event you have been invited to:

  • By registering or signing in using the invitation link provided by the Rio Tinto Bid Team member, or
  • By going to the Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires page. To access the page, you must log in to your Business Network account, click the dropdown menu in the upper-left corner of the application, and select Ariba Proposals & Questionnaires.

Useful guides

Supplier - Ariba Sourcing Quick Reference Guide
Suppliers - Ariba Sourcing Quick Reference Guide
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Suppliers - Ariba Sourcing Quick Reference Guide [FR]
3.55 MB

Didn't find what you’re looking for?

For specific assistance, please contact the bid team member assigned to the sourcing event. Contact information is in the invitation email you have received, and in the Ariba Sourcing Quick Reference Guide.

For SAP product documentation and supplier support, visit the SAP Ariba Help Center.


TRACK is part of our contractor engagement platform for site-based contract labour and allows our contractors to streamline their payment process by submitting timesheets electronically. TRACK is for service order transactions only.

Find out more about Track >

Avetta & Cognibox

Avetta and Cognibox are invitation-only cloud-based onboarding platforms for our contractors.

Visit the Avetta website >
Visit the Cognibox website >

SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass is a cloud-based open vendor management system that we use to help us engage and manage our workforce of independent external contractors. 

Visit the SAP Fieldglass website >

Iron Ore – CMS Website

Contractors who work with our Iron Ore business in Western Australia can access CMS, which is a comprehensive library of documents to support and improve communication and ensure a safe working environment with contractors from tender to project completion.

To access, you will need your company-based login including vendor name and number.

Visit the CMS website >

Rio Tinto Buy Local

We work to maximise the benefits our company and its work delivers to the communities that host us.

By partnering with local suppliers, we can stimulate local economies and help local businesses grow and prosper.

We are committed to maximising opportunities for Australian businesses to be part of our supply chain. We want to make it easier for local suppliers to compete for contracts and, in turn, maximise local economic benefits. This includes helping strengthen the capability of local industry, so businesses can be more competitive in the procurement process.

Rio Tinto Buy Local is designed to help local Australian businesses in the regions where our operations are based to bid for work with us by:

  • Giving visibility of upcoming work opportunities and enabling suppliers to register interest through the Rio Tinto Buy Local portal
  • Providing a dedicated team to support local suppliers through our procurement processes
  • Supporting the delivery of capability building programmes to strengthen and grow local businesses
  • Offering adjusted payment terms for Australian small businesses

The Rio Tinto Buy Local includes more information and outlines opportunities for local businesses.

In 2018, Rio Tinto introduced Passport as its enterprise-wide legal spend management platform. Passport delivers a range of benefits to Rio Tinto and its law firm providers, who use the platform to electronically submit invoices to Rio Tinto. Once a law firm is on-boarded, all invoices are submitted for payment via the Passport Collaboration Portal.

Rio Tinto’s External Counsel Guidelines have been developed for law firms engaged by the Rio Tinto Group across the globe. The purpose of the Guidelines is to summarise Rio Tinto’s expectations of its law firm providers, create a framework for us to work together effectively and set out the requirements for electronic billing.

Visit Passport >
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