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Supplier master data management

The SAP Business Network (SBN), formally known as the SAP Ariba Network, streamlines master data and gives control back to our suppliers, providing our suppliers a self-service master data platform to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Eligible suppliers will be invited to register their master data through the SBN, which will then give them access to their profile for future updates.


Benefits of managing your profile through the SAP Business Network

Accurate data

Self-manage all your data directly into our systems - crucial for smooth operations and reliable decision-making

Minimise delays and risks

Efficient workflows reduces processing and minimises delays - enhancing the overall supply chain efficiency and mitigating risks*

Strengthen collaboration

Fostering stronger partnerships - which leads to better communication, shared goals, and mutual success

*We want to make sure that your account and data are safe and secure. That's why we encourage you to register with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA adds an extra layer of protection to your login process. It requires you to verify your identity with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone or another device). Registering with MFA is easy and quick. Just follow the instructions. Once you register, you will be able to access your account and data with more confidence and peace of mind.

All transactions with registered suppliers is via SBN - our exclusive solution for transactional document interchange - including purchase orders, invoices and remittance advices. Once you have submitted the form, you will be required to accept the trading agreement to complete the registration process.

Find out more about the SBN transactional platform and the benefits of SBN.

Training guides and support material

How to Register Your Supplier Master Data
Register Supplier Master Data
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Register Supplier Master Data [FR]
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How to Review and Update Your Supplier Master Data
Review and Update Supplier Master Data
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Review and Update Supplier Master Data [FR]
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Rio Tinto Master Data team

Request to register or for master data process support, contact the Master Data team

SBN contact

For system related queries, please contact the SAP Business Network directly

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