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Latest dividend

On 22 February 2023, Rio Tinto announced a final dividend of 225 US cents per share. The dividend will be paid on 20 April 2023 to Rio Tinto Limited, Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto plc ADR shareholders on the register at the close of business on 10 March 2023 (record date).

The ex-dividend date for the 2022 final dividend for Rio Tinto Limited, Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto plc ADR shareholders is 9 March 2023. Rio Tinto plc shareholders will receive 185.35 pence per share for the final dividend and Rio Tinto Limited shareholders will receive 326.49 Australian cents per share for the final dividend. The 2022 final dividend has been converted at exchange rates applicable on 21 February 2023 (the latest practicable date before the dividend was declared). ADR holders receive dividends at the declared rate in US dollars.

Ordinary dividend per share

2022 interim

2022 final

Rio Tinto Group

US cents per share



Rio Tinto plc

UK pence per share



Rio Tinto Limited

Australian cents per share



  • Dividend policy

    At the end of each financial period, the board will determine an appropriate total level of ordinary dividend per share, taking into account the results for the financial year, the outlook for our major commodities, the board’s view of the long-term growth prospects of the business and the Company’s objective of maintaining a strong balance sheet. The intention is that the balance between the interim and final dividend is weighted to the final dividend.

    The board expects total cash returns to shareholders over the longer term to be in a range of 40 to 60 per cent of underlying earnings in aggregate through the cycle.

    The board is committed to maintaining an appropriate balance between cash returns to shareholders and investment in the business, with the intention of maximising shareholder value.

    Acknowledging the cyclical nature of the industry, in periods of strong earnings and cash generation, it is the board’s intention to supplement the ordinary dividends with additional returns to shareholders.

  • Dividend determination

    Dividend determination

    The majority of our sales are transacted in US dollars, making this the most appropriate measure for our global business performance. It is our main reporting currency and consequently the natural currency for dividend determination. Dividends determined in US dollars are translated at exchange rates prevailing one day prior to the declaration and payable in sterling by Rio Tinto plc and in Australian dollars by Rio Tinto Limited.

    On request, shareholders of Rio Tinto plc can elect to receive dividends in Australian dollars, and Rio Tinto Limited shareholders can elect to receive dividends in sterling. If such an election is made, the dividend amounts received will be calculated by converting the declared dividend using the exchange rates applicable to sterling and Australian dollars five days prior to the dividend payment date.

    Holders of American Depositary Shares are paid dividends, at the declared rate, in US dollars.

  • Dividend mandates

    Dividend mandates

    Registered shareholders may elect to have cash dividends paid directly into any bank, building society or credit union account.

  • Dividends & taxation – Rio Tinto Limited dividend imputation system

    Dividends & taxation – Rio Tinto Limited dividend imputation system

    The basis of the Australian dividend imputation system is that when Australian resident shareholders receive dividends from Rio Tinto Limited, they may be entitled to a credit for the tax paid by the Company in respect of that income, depending on the tax status of the shareholder. The application of the system results in the tax paid by the Company being allocated to shareholders by way of imputation credits attaching to the dividends they receive. Such dividends are known are franked dividends. A dividend may be partly or fully franked. Any imputation credits attached to the dividend are shown in the Dividend Statement provided to shareholders.

    Since 1988, all Rio Tinto Limited dividends have been fully franked.