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Communicating with shareholders


We recognise the importance of effective, timely communication with shareholders and the wider investment community.

Operating under a dual listed companies structure, the Rio Tinto Group consists of Rio Tinto plc listed on the London Stock Exchange and Rio Tinto Limited listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Rio Tinto plc has a sponsored American Depositary Receipt (ADR) facility and the underlying shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

To ensure that trading in its securities takes place in an informed marketplace, Rio Tinto has established a Disclosure Committee to oversee compliance with its continuous disclosure obligations. The Group Disclosure and Communications policy, terms of reference of the Disclosure Committee and the internal procedures adopted in relation to disclosure and management of relevant information, support compliance with Rio Tinto’s disclosure obligations.

The Disclosure Committee is responsible for determining whether information relating to Rio Tinto may require disclosure to the markets under the continuous disclosure requirements in the jurisdictions in which Rio Tinto is listed. The specific focus of the Disclosure Committee is to consider and determine on a timely basis whether information would, to the extent that the information is not public and relates directly or indirectly to Rio Tinto, be likely to have a material impact on the price of Rio Tinto Securities if that information were generally available.

The members of the Committee are the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Officer, the Group Company Secretary, the Chief Legal Officer, Governance, and Corporate Affairs, the Head of Strategy & Investor Relations and the Chief Executive Australia.

We make an immediate disclosure (unless an exemption applies allowing a delay) to the relevant listing authorities in accordance with their rules of any information that a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on its share price. All information released to the markets is posted on the News and Invest sections of the website.

Annual general meetings

The annual general meetings present an opportunity to provide a summary business presentation, to inform shareholders of recent developments and to give them the opportunity to ask questions. Generally, the chairs of all Board committees will be available to answer questions raised by shareholders and all directors are expected to attend where possible. Shareholders also have the opportunity to meet informally with directors after the meetings. The annual general meetings are generally webcast and made available at

Investor Relations

The main channels of communication with the investment community are through the Chair, Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer, who have regular meetings with our major shareholders.

The Senior Independent Director, other Board committee chairs, and Non-Executive Directors are also available on request. The Senior Independent Director has a specific responsibility to be available to shareholders who have concerns, and where contact with the Chair, Chief Executive or Chief Financial Officer has failed to resolve their concerns, or for whom such contact is inappropriate. In his capacity as Remuneration Committee Chair, the Senior Independent Director meets shareholders to discuss remuneration issues.

During 2023, these meetings with the investment community focused on the operational and financial performance of the Group, executive remuneration, and environment, social and governance issues.

Regular investor seminars provide a 2-way communication opportunity with investors and analysts.

To ensure that members of the Board have an understanding of the views of major shareholders, a number of processes and initiatives are in place. The Chief Financial Officer reports to the Board at each meeting and provides regular investor updates as part of this reporting. The Head of Strategy & Investor Relations also reports regularly to the Board, and share major shareholders’ views and opinions with the Board.

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Annual general meetings

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