Reunion at the airport

How does our story become yours?

We make the stuff you use every day

Last updated: 9 September 2019


Look, maybe you didn’t know it, but we’ve been right there with you during some pretty special times. Like when you jetted off on your first trip overseas, backpack bursting at the seams (hey, you might need those 45 outfits). When you nervously popped the “big” question, or said “yes” (come on, you were a little nervous). Or when you finally got the keys to your first house (giving up the avo toast was totally worth it).

And we’ve been right there with you during the less thrilling stuff too. Like when you turn on a light. Or cook dinner. Or watch TV. Or check your phone.

Weird? Never! Essential? Always.

Proposal at the beach
Why is progress so important to us?

A lot of the stuff in modern life – from precious moments to everyday things – involves at least a little bit of the metals and minerals we produce. In fact you're probably looking at them, touching them or even wearing them right now.

Without them, modern life just wouldn't work.

How aluminium leads to a reunion

If you’ve ever travelled, then aluminium helped get you home. It’s used in bikes, cars, trains and planes because it’s strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Your drink on the plane? Probably from an aluminium can. That was stored in an aluminium fridge.

And while we’re talking about all the cool things aluminium can do: it can be recycled over and over, and it may soon be carbon free.

In fact, we love aluminium almost as much as the awesome adventures it’s taken us on.

Hearing for the first time

How copper sounds like family

Copper has many important jobs, but it’s hard to beat helping people hear for the first time. How? Copper is used as a tiny antenna in many hearing aids. And bonus: it has antimicrobial properties too, meaning it helps keep bacteria and other nasties away (no offense bacteria – we know you’re important too).

Copper is the best non-precious conductor of heat and electricity on the planet. So it’s found in everything from the electrical wiring in your house to renewable power sources like wind turbines. And because it can help things work more efficiently, it’s going to play an important part in a more sustainable future.

How a rock becomes an “I do”

What do we have to do with some of the most precious moments in your life? We find the glimmering gems and make the magnificent metals (like gold and titanium) that mark some of life’s biggest events: like when you finally pop the question, when you say “I do”, when your bundle of joy arrives…maybe even just a little something special to treat yo’self (you deserve it!).

And, in case you needed another reason, our diamonds aren’t just rare and beautiful – they have an honourable pedigree. So you can be confident your diamond was produced responsibly – from respecting the environment to human rights.

City fireworks

How iron ore brings a city together

Steel, which is made from iron ore, is found in pretty much everything you see in our cities today. It’s strong, long-lasting and low-cost – making it perfect for everything from household appliances to cars, machinery, bridges and buildings.

Iron ore keeps the roof over your head and the wheels on your car.

It’s even in the kitchen sink.

We're excited to make your story ours. We have launched a new ad campaign in Australia that shows how our minerals and metals are part of people's lives, every day.

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