Working with us

Working with us

In Western Australia we offer the below range of training programmes and opportunities for suppliers and contractors.


We have a strong commitment to apprentice training as apprentices are a source for our future workforce. Our goal is to train and support apprentices to the highest standard of knowledge and skills and to prepare them for roles as qualified tradespeople. An apprenticeship with us provides an opportunity to gain on-the-job experience at our world class operations, whilst working towards a nationally recognised qualification in one of six key trade areas including:

  • Electrical Mechanic
  • Mobile Equipment Mechanic
  • Fixed Plant Mechanical Fitter
  • Heavy Vehicle Road Transport
  • Auto Electrical
  • Fabrication

How can I apply?

Applications are currently closed.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment

We are committed to providing opportunities and employment pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to ensure the benefits of our business are shared, contributing to sustainable community development.

We work closely with local communities to achieve our commitments to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, actively sourcing candidates for a range of roles with a particular focus on Pilbara Aboriginal people, regional fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) towns, and Perth based candidates for professional or FIFO roles.

We are committed to developing programmes that build capacity and provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with valuable skills for the workforce through cadetships, scholarships, apprenticeships and our graduate and training programmes.  These programs increase the pool of candidates for mainstream positions and also increase the broader skill base of local Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are interested in employment opportunities with Iron Ore Australia are encouraged to register their interest via the global careers page to submit an expression of interest against Aboriginal opportunities.

For more information, please contact out Indigenous employment team by sending an email to 

Pilbara Aboriginal businesses

We have a well-established long-term commitment to maximising Aboriginal business engagement and participation. We provide business development and contracting opportunities across all areas of our business and continue to grow Aboriginal business’ understanding of our needs and our understanding of how we can best support the Pilbara Aboriginal businesses with which we work. We will continue to meet our commitments to Pilbara Aboriginal businesses through:

  • promoting the use of Pilbara Aboriginal businesses to contractors who provide services to us
  • giving preferential weighting to Pilbara Aboriginal businesses during the tender process
  • focusing on increasing the total spend on contracts awarded to Pilbara Aboriginal businesses
  • assisting Aboriginal businesses through the pre-qualification and tender process
  • participating in a formal feedback process if a Pilbara Aboriginal business is unsuccessful in a tender submission
  • encouraging all suppliers to include Indigenous engagement strategies as part of their usual business practices

For more information, contact our Aboriginal Business Development team on:

T: 1800 992 777


We source a diverse range of goods, materials and services to sustain our operations. For more information on the supply of goods, materials and services, visit our Procurement website. 


Our contractor management system provides a framework to manage contractor relationships at our Pilbara iron ore operations, ensuring that everyone operates in a safe and productive way. Contractors have access to the CMS website via unique login details.  If you require login details to be set up, please contact