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25 February 2020

Rio Tinto partners with the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration

Phoenix, Arizona – Rio Tinto and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) today signed a multiyear partnership that will provide valuable professional development opportunities to Rio Tinto employees. The announcement came at SME’s Annual Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, attended by representatives from both organisations. This agreement will allow Rio Tinto employees

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25 February 2020

Rio Tinto, Diffusion Saguenay et le Cégep de Jonquière s’unissent pour offrir une valeur ajoutée aux étudiants en Art et technologie des médias

Saguenay, Québec – Rio Tinto, le Cégep de Jonquière et Diffusion Saguenay étaient réunis aujourd’hui pour annoncer la création d’un laboratoire de captation audiovisuelle dans le nouveau Théâtre Palace Arvida. Ce lieu de captation unique au Québec verra le jour grâce à une contribution financière de 180 000 dollars de Rio Tinto, qui devient ainsi le premier partenaire privé du projet. Ceci ma

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25 February 2020

Rio Tinto, Diffusion Saguenay and Cégep de Jonquière join forces to offer added value to Media Arts and Technology students

Saguenay, Quebec – Rio Tinto, the Cégep de Jonquière and Diffusion Saguenay announced today the creation of an audiovisual recording laboratory in the new Théâtre Palace Arvida. This recording space, unique in Quebec, will be built thanks to a $180,000 financial contribution from Rio Tinto, which becomes the project's first private partner. It will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the histor

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  • Pilbara - Koodaideri site, 2020
    Rio Tinto's first solar plant to power new iron ore mine
    Koodaideri, our most technically advanced mine yet.
  • Sustainable diamond
    The World’s Most Coveted Diamonds
    The Diavik Diamond Mine, the source of some of the largest and most valuable diamonds found anywhere in the world. 
  • Rio Tinto Indigenous partnerships
    "Their spirits are here now"
    “Country” is about more than the land’s hills, rivers, valleys and bays. It is a connection between land, people, ancestors, animals and plants that is intrinsic to culture. 

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