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We are curious and creative, ingenious and hard-working. We are pioneers – exploring the boundaries of everything we do. The materials we produce are essential to human progress, and we see that progress driven by our people.

At home and at work, we promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and are paying more attention to mental health. We also know that people are at their best when they can be themselves, so we foster a culture where every voice is heard, every idea is encouraged and everyone is supported.

Our five values – safety, teamwork, respect, integrity and excellence – define how we treat each other and how we work with our partners.

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    Safety: Caring for Human Life and Wellbeing Above Everything Else
    We make the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and communities our number one priority. Always. Safely looking after the environment is an essential part of our care for future generations.
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    Teamwork: Collaborating for Success

    We work together with colleagues, partners and communities globally to deliver the products our customers need. We learn from each other to improve our performance and achieve success.
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    Respect: Fostering Inclusion and Embracing Diversity
    We recognise and respect diverse cultures, communities and points of view. We treat each other with fairness and dignity to make the most of everyone’s contributions.
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    Integrity: Having the Courage and Commitment to Do the Right Thing
    We do the right thing, even when this is challenging. We take ownership of what we do and say. And we are honest and clear with each other, and with everyone we work with. This helps us to build trust.
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    Excellence: Being the Best we can Be for Superior Performance
    We challenge ourselves and others to create lasting value and achieve high performance. We adopt a pioneering mindset and aim to do better every day.


Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our employees and contractors.

Our goal is zero fatalities: we want everyone to return home safely at the end of the day, every day. That means not only our employees, but also our suppliers and local communities. We work to keep them safe and healthy by managing risks, promoting a safety-first culture, focusing more and more on mental health and using automation to do high-risk work. We believe safety doesn’t begin and end at work, so we have also taken steps to stop violence against women. In 2018, in Australia, this led to Rio Tinto being recognised at the annual Australian Women in Resources National Awards.

Inclusion & Diversity

We are committed to an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves. We want our people to feel that all voices are heard, all cultures respected and that a variety of perspectives are not only welcome – they are essential to our success. We treat each other fairly and with dignity regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or anything else that makes us different.

We also aim for a diverse workplace – not just because it is good for our business, but because it is the right thing to do. We are not where we want to be on gender diversity, so we have established clear targets to improve the number of women in our organisation, at all levels. We have rolled out gender-neutral parental leave and revised our policy on inclusion and diversity to reinforce our expectations around behaviours and personal accountability. Our goal is to increase women in senior management by 2% each year, and for our graduate intake to be 50% women.

We are also a Founding Member of the Australian Male Champions of Change, a group established to elevate gender equality.

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Total workforce refers to managed operations.

Working at Rio Tinto

We produced the world's first certified responsible aluminium. We were the first mining company to embrace Indigenous peoples' land rights in Australia. And we created one of the world's biggest robots – and maybe one of the smallest. But we always want to do more.

Working at Rio Tinto means touching people’s lives: from exploring new materials to finding ways to tackle climate change. We value curiosity, creativity, innovation and hard work. We work in some of the most remote, beautiful places in the world – like the Northwest Territories in Canada and Weipa in Far North Queensland, Australia – as well as in major metropolitan hubs like Montreal, Perth, Brisbane and Singapore.

We know that work is changing and we are changing with it. We partner with governments and institutions to ensure that our people and communities have the skills they need throughout their careers. For example, in 2018 we launched the first ever nationally recognised certificates in Automation and Remote Operations, in partnership with the government of Western Australia and South Metropolitan TAFE (Technical and Further Education).

Marion, Fitter and Turner, Weipa
Strength Comes from our Differences
Marion, Fitter & Turner, Weipa

It’s important that we all recognise that strength comes from our differences. Me, I have a spiritual connection to the land. It links me to my cultural history and is a big part of my identity.


I’ve been in Weipa all my life. My grandad was in the first group to go to the Aboriginal training school for heavy equipment operators here. And my parents both work for Rio Tinto too, so it’s definitely in the family.  So I guess you could say Weipa, and Rio, is part of my history.

And when I share my traditional history here with people who don’t know me, or know that part of me, sometimes I see those ‘light-bulb’ moments when someone finally understands. It’s my way of contributing to reconciliation.

Marion is a fitter and turner at our Weipa operations in far north Queensland and is a Thanakwith Traditional Owner.