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Boyne Island, Queensland

Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) has been operating since 1982 and is Australia’s second largest aluminium smelter. The operation is located at Boyne Island in Central Queensland and activities include manufacturing carbon anodes in the carbon plant, aluminium production (smelting) in reduction lines, and casting of molten metal into aluminium products ready to ship. The smelter is adjacent to, and connected via a conveyor belt, to the Queensland Alumina Limited Refinery for the supply of alumina.

BSL is a joint venture between Rio Tinto (59.39%), YKK Aluminium (9.50%), UACJ Australia (9.29%), Southern Cross Aluminium (7.71%), Ryowa Development II (6.46%), Ryowa Development (5.19%) and Sumitomo Chemical (2.46%).  

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Partnering for a green industrial future for Central Queensland

In October 2021, we signed a statement of cooperation with the Queensland Government to seize the opportunities presented by clean energy and make Central Queensland an industrial and renewable energy powerhouse.


The partnership will help ensure Central Queensland can take advantage of our natural energy advantage and drive employment and economic outcomes from investment in renewable energy projects.

“As Queensland’s largest energy user and a major Gladstone employer and manufacturer, Rio Tinto is uniquely positioned to work with the Queensland Government to deliver this vision,” Ivan Vella, Rio Tinto Aluminium Chief Executive, said.

“We have been in the region for more than 50 years and we share the state government’s goals for decarbonisation, job creation and a vibrant industrial future for the region.

“We are working closely with the Queensland Government on the role we can play by underwriting long-term green offtake for our industrial assets. This should help create the industrial demand needed to develop a globally competitive green energy solution and lead to more processing and manufacturing in Central Queensland.”


BSL has expanded significantly since the smelter opened in 1982. A series of multimillion dollar investments increased its capacity from 210,000 tonnes of aluminium per year to today’s capacity of more than 500,000 tonnes of aluminium a year.

BSL continues to invest in a range of technologies including automation projects and also looks for ways to be more energy efficient.  For example, in 2018, BSL implemented a A$23 million Undercell Bus Bar project to increase production by an estimated 9,200 tonnes of metal a year without using additional electricity. 

Employees at Boyne Smelters

BSL communities

At BSL our contribution to the broader Gladstone community is through Here for Gladstone, which is supported by Rio Tinto Yarwun, Boyne Smelters Limited and QAL. Here For Gladstone's formal programmes are governed by a board made up of community and business leaders.

Since we started with our formal programmes in 2002, Here for Gladstone has invested A$6.35 million into the Gladstone community across a wide range of projects to improve the health, livelihood and welfare of the Gladstone community.

For example, feedback showed the Gladstone community are concerned about economic development and diversification. So, in consultation with the community, we launched the Here for Business programme in late 2017 that provides free business coaching and interest-free micro-finance loans to new or expanding businesses. There have been 23 businesses participating in the programme with 74 local jobs created.

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We know our operations can have far-reaching impacts on society.

Skills development

At BSL we are fortunate to be able to work with Education Queensland and support an onsite learning centre (Education Queensland and Industry Partnership Business, Industry and Tourism skills centre) that helps students gain work experience to complete their studies.

In addition, BSL’s apprenticeship programme provides people with skills and qualifications to work in the smelting industry. At BSL we pride ourselves on providing quality training in a dynamic environment where apprentices are mentored as they work, allowing them to gain a variety of skills and become experienced tradespeople.

We have a long-standing history of providing apprenticeships, mostly to school leavers looking to start their trade careers, and we generally employ apprentices in the trades of mechanical, electrical, and diesel fitting. Since 2012 we have extended the apprenticeship programme to existing employees who wish to build on their experience by gaining a trade.

Sourcing locally

At BSL we are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of our community and one of the ways we do this is by striving to employ local people and buy local goods and services. Approximately 73% of our expenditure, including electricity, is sourced from Gladstone suppliers.

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