Employee at BC Works Kitimat wharf


We work in partnership with our suppliers to manage a complex global supply chain in ways that benefit our customers, our business and our communities.  

Our five values of safety, teamwork, respect, integrity and excellence, as well as policies like The way we work and our Supplier Code of Conduct, help define how we work with our suppliers.

Our preference is to buy local products and engage local services. In 2018, we spent $12.3 billion with more than 37,000 suppliers in more than 120 locations.  In areas where the skills, goods and standards we need are not available, we invest in developing that capacity, and in turn, to establish and support local economic development. 

Everywhere we work, we respect and support all internationally recognised human rights, in line with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe that respect for human rights begins with everyday actions, and we want to work with partners who meet or exceed our minimum standards and performance expectations, share our values, and understand our commitments. This commitment is reflected in the pre-screening process of our suppliers.  

Please note that we may need to update our policies and statements from time to time.

Rio Tinto has introduced new 20 day payment terms for small Australian suppliers and expanded its definition of small suppliers.

If you are a small Australian supplier seeking more information about the change or believe you qualify for our new Australian small business 20 day payment terms please contact VendorFeedback@riotinto.com.

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