Rio Tinto and the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie celebrate 10 years of partnership for a healthier Quebec

14 June 2018

Rio Tinto is proud to celebrate the 10th year of its partnership with the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, supporting this important health initiative for Quebec as lead sponsor.

From 14 to 18 June inclusively, more than 1,000 cyclistes from all over Quebec will travel the 1,000 kilometers between the La Baie port in Saguenay and the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

In addition to financial support, Rio Tinto is providing the aluminium medals made 100% in Quebec that will be given to the cyclists upon their arrival.

Gervais Jacques, managing director, Atlantic Operations, Rio Tinto Aluminium said: "Since 2008, Rio Tinto and the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie have been leading thousands of Quebecers toward healthier and more active lifestyles. We are proud to have reached this important milestone with Pierre Lavoie, a true pioneer of health."

"We would like to recognize the commitment of everyone who, directly or indirectly, helped organize this unifying event including all the volunteers. I wish all of the participants success, especially the six Rio Tinto teams taking on this major physical challenge."

Thanks to the donors, sponsors, and cyclists, the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie has given more than 18 million dollars to the community since its creation to fund 2,900 projects fostering healthy lifestyle and habits in approximately 1,250 schools in Quebec. The Grand défi Pierre Lavoie Foundation has also supported 143 research projects and helped advance knowledge on more than 80 rare diseases.