Rio Tinto unveils rare Argyle pink diamond and Muzo emerald jewels in Hong Kong

13 September 2018

Rio Tinto has unveiled a one of a kind pink diamond and emerald necklace during a world exclusive preview in Hong Kong.

Titled "Earth Magic" the statement necklace is a powerful symbol of the union of two of the world’s most coveted jewels: Argyle Pink Diamonds and Muzo Emeralds.

Central to the necklace is a flawless 5.25 carat emerald, the finest emerald that has been uncovered from the Muzo mine in Colombia in the last 30 years, vividly contrasted with two magnificent Argyle pink diamonds weighing 1.77 carats.

Rio Tinto Diamonds global marketing director Josephine Johnson "‘Muzo emeralds are a natural partner for Argyle pink diamonds as we share the same obsession for craftsmanship and pedigree, masterfully expressed with the fusion of our rarest gems in the Earth Magic jewels.’

Muzo emeralds are highly sought after and renowned for their breathtaking combination of intense green colour, vibrant fire and near perfect geometry. They are widely regarded as the most desired and beautiful emeralds in the world. Argyle pink diamonds are equally renowned for their rarity and potent colour, created over a billion years ago by a unique combination of heat and pressure, deep below the earth’s surface.

Muzo Emeralds director Jason Woods said " I am delighted with this collaboration. Breathtakingly beautiful and contrasting in colour, Argyle pink diamonds and Muzo emeralds are responsibly sourced and ethically mined in two remote corners of the world: the East Kimberley region of Western Australia and the Boyaca region of Colombia.

Valued at US$4.5 million and designed by Singapore based Argyle Pink Diamonds partner John Glajz, the Earth Magic necklace is being showcased alongside the 2018 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection, the world’s largest collection of one of a kind rare pink, red and violet diamonds.