Other debt

Details on our other debt, including borrowings and other financial liabilities

Rio Tinto Other Debt amounts to $6.2 billion as of 30 June 2020 which is funding at the business unit or asset level. This is largely driven by Oyu Tolgoi which has $4.2 billion in project financing. In addition, there is $0.8 billion of other secured or unsecured debt at the business unit or asset level and a further $1.2 billion of lease liabilities held on balance sheet under IFRS 16.

Borrowings and other financial liabilities 

Borrowings at 30 June 2020

Oyu Tolgoi LLC MIGA Insured Loan LIBOR plus 2.65% due 2027 (1)


Oyu Tolgoi LLC Commercial Banks "B Loan" LIBOR plus 3.4% due 2027 (1)


Oyu Tolgoi LLC Export Credit Agencies Loan 2.3% due 2028 (1)


Oyu Tolgoi LLC Export Credit Agencies Loan LIBOR plus 3.65% due 2029 (1)


Oyu Tolgoi LLC International Financial Institutions "A Loan" LIBOR plus 3.78% due 2030 (1)


Other secured loans


Other unsecured loans


Lease liabilities


Bank overdrafts


1. These borrowings relate to the Oyu Tolgoi LLC project finance facility. The project finance facility provides for interest-only payments for the first five years followed by minimum repayments according to a stepped amortisation schedule for the remaining life of the facility. The due dates stated represent the final repayment date. The interest rates stated are pre-completion and will increase by 1% post-completion.