Employee tending to seedlings at Beyla nursery


Providing materials the world needs in a responsible way

The materials we provide are needed in everyday life and for many low-carbon technologies. But we know that the way we produce these materials is just as important as the minerals and metals themselves.

We’re entrusted with accessing the world’s essential materials and making them available for society’s use. These resources are finite, and we recognise our responsibility to extract full value from the materials we provide, while continuously finding ways to better mitigate impacts on people and the environment.

Zero fatalities

at managed operations

7% reduction

in Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions below our 2018 baseline


Corporate tax paid in 2022


spent with local suppliers – 14.5% of total contestable spend

59% increase

in Australian Indigenous leaders since 2020

6 formal agreements

signed with Indigenous rights holders across our global footprint

2022 figures

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Sustainability reporting

We continued to make progress against our objectives to achieve impeccable ESG credentials and strengthen our social licence. View our sustainability performance.

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We will achieve impeccable ESG performance by aligning our business priorities with society’s expectations. This is essential to the future of our business.


Finding better ways to minimise our impacts

Our commitment to understanding and mitigating the risks and impacts of our operations extends from the very beginning of an operation’s life to beyond closure.


Climate Change

We’re working towards net zero emissions by 2050
Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

At the heart of our sustainability strategy – and our business – are our people and their safety
Public jetty at Inverell Bay, Nhulunbuy, Gove


We see ourselves as water stewards and take that commitment seriously
Tailings facilities at Boron, US

Tailings Management

Responsible tailings management is critical to the safety of our people and communities and to protect the environment

Native plants within the trial landform rehabilitation program at Ranger Mine


Through safe and responsible asset closure, we are working to deliver shared benefits for host communities, employees and investors; positive ESG outcomes; and innovative solutions that minimise long-term liabilities
Employees at Richards Bay Minerals

Talent, Diversity & Inclusion

We are finding better ways to support and empower our people, which means creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves, has the courage to speak up if something is not right and listens to each other with care and curiosity
Indigenous employee maintaining 3 point contact on locomotive, Weipa Operations

Indigenous Peoples

We’re working to be better partners with Indigenous peoples globally
Photo of employee talking to the chief in the Mafindou community near Beyla, Guinea


We know our operations can have far-reaching impacts on society
Employees working within the water treatment facilities at Ranger Mine

Ethics & Compliance

We have strong processes to ensure our business acts in line with the law, local regulations and our values
Photos from Yinjaa-Barni Art, Roebourne

Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is the aspects of a community's past and present that it considers valuable and wants to pass on to future generations
Aerial photo of employees walking along dirt road on mountain ridge above Canga East Camp, Simandou, Guinea

Human Rights

Everywhere we work, we respect and support all internationally recognised human rights
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View our interactive map of our tailings facilities

We’ve disclosed detailed information on 14 of our global tailings facilities in line with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management


We're finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs to grow and decarbonise.


We aim to deliver superior returns to our shareholders while safeguarding the environment and meeting our obligations to wider society.