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Ferrous metals are any metal that contains iron. Because of their strength, you can find ferrous metals in everyday items from skyscrapers to cars. They’re also extremely durable, which is why ferrous metals are used in bridges, shipping containers and smaller manufacturing components that are subject to wear and tear.

With a steady supply of high purity ilmenite ore, we supply global markets with a diverse mix of iron and steel products including metal powders, steel billets and high purity pig iron (HPPI).

Founded in 1967, our Critical Minerals and Technology Centre in Sorel-Tracy, Canada continues to be a stronghold of innovation. We have state-of-the-art equipment and highly specialised instruments, such as an inductively coupled plasma spectrometer, x-ray spectrometer, atomic absorption unit, image analyser and scanning electron microscope.


Our ferrous metallics operations

QMM from the air

QIT Madagascar Minerals

Our operation near Fort Dauphin in the Anosy region of south-eastern Madagascar produces ilmenite, which is a major source of titanium dioxide
Quebec operations

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium Quebec Operations

We’ve developed a new way to sustainably extract and produce high-purity scandium oxide from the waste streams of titanium dioxide production at our RTIT Quebec Operations, without the need for any additional mining. In May 2022, we produced the first batch of this high-purity scandium oxide at our commercial-scale demonstration plant in Sorel-Tracy, Canada, making us the first North American producer of this critical mineral.
Rehabilitation at Richards Bay Minerals

Richards Bay Minerals

Our Richards Bay Minerals operation is a world leader in heavy mineral sands extraction and refining and is South Africa’s largest mineral sands producer

Our metallic products

  • Steel billets
  • Metal powders
  • High purity iron

Sold as Sorelsteel®, our steel billets support rolling mills in need of additional melt capacity in the long steel and tubular steel markets. Our low-residual billets are cast with the best quality standards – including clean steel practices and electromagnetic stirring. We can meet multiple square and round cross-sectional and length requirements. By supporting markets such as wire rod, merchant bar, and seamless pipe, Sorelsteel® billets are made into a variety of products, including autos, industrial, construction, welding electrodes, fasteners and drilling pipes.

Formerly Quebec Metal Powders (QMP), we manufacture powder from iron that is entirely sourced from low-residual ore. Because of this, our powders are exceptionally clean and consistent. We produce iron steel and prealloyed powders as well as high-performance metal powder mixes, including diffusion bonded and organic bonded mixes. Our powders are used to produce high-quality press and sinter parts for automotive, lawn and garden, and tool industries. We’ve developed specific iron powders for many new applications and markets that will help shape a greener future, including additive manufacturing (3D-printing), soft magnetic composites (SMCs) for electric motors, and various battery and energy storage applications.

We also have a full range of ferrous powder grades for virtually all powder metallurgy applications,

Learn more about our metal powders >

Suzhou Technology Centre

Our Suzhou Technology Centre is home to state-of-the-art facilities that process high-quality, atomised powder produced in our plant at Sorel-Tracy, Canada into finished products.

We can mix additives – such as copper, graphite, and lubricants – with steel powder to produce customised premixes for shipment to our customers in Asia. And we can apply special binders to produce proprietary FLOMET binder treated premises.

We produce high purity pig iron (HPPI), also known in the market as Sorelmetal™, which is often used as the preferred metallic charge in the foundries for the automotive, machine, construction, and heavy industries. Sorelmetal is a high purity iron-carbon alloy containing very low concentrations of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and other impurities.

We guarantee the product’s high purity and consistent chemical composition, lot after lot. This high consistency level is the result of superior quality ore treated in a closely controlled manufacturing process.

Our team of metallurgists are technical expertise leaders within the global foundry industry, and have published many technical publications including 2 signature books outlining our approach – The Sorelmetal® Book for Ductile Iron and Ductile Iron Data Book for Design Engineers.


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