Nechako Reservoir, BC Works

Nechako Reservoir

The hydroelectric reservoir was formed by the construction of the Kenney Dam on the Nechako River and 9 smaller dams which inundated a chain of lakes and rivers. The Nechako Reservoir finished filling in 1957, and is 233 km long, with a water surface of 910 km².

Nechako Reservoir Flow Facts

We continually monitor reservoir levels and make ongoing adjustments to water discharge from the reservoir, in order to achieve a balance between environmental protection and ensuring there is energy to power the smelter. We are also committed to sharing information about reservoir management with watershed communities and other interested parties.

Based on community feedback, we have developed the Nechako Reservoir Flow Facts, an interactive tool that provides real-time and historical data about reservoir activity.

For detailed information on real-time water flow data from the Government of Canada’s Water Office, please visit the Government of Canada's water office website and search for your station of interest.

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We are committed to working with our communities to share information and respond to community feedback. If you have feedback or concerns about our operations, or ideas for how we can improve our community engagement, please email us.

Water engagement initiative

We are embarking on a water engagement program with our communities and stakeholders to develop an approach to reservoir and river management that better reflects their interests.

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