Copper in electric cars

What Makes our Copper Blush?

Being honoured as the world’s first responsibly produced

We think copper is cool for so many reasons: it is tough but malleable, 100% recyclable, corrosion-resistant and its antimicrobial properties can even help keep us safe.

This August, our Kennecott, copper operations in Utah, US, became the first in the world to be awarded the Copper Mark – the industry’s independent assurance programme – verifying our copper is responsibly produced.

1st copper producer verified by Copper Mark

That means:

It has been independently verified as responsibly produced.

Our Kennecott copper has been assessed against 32 criteria – based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – across environment, social and governance categories. These include health and safety, emissions, human rights and community development.

It helps support our customers’ sustainability goals.

With a Copper Mark, our customers can be assured our copper meets the highest environmental and social standards – including a transparent and responsible supply chain.

The Copper Mark: Responsibly Produced Copper

About Copper Mark

The Copper Mark is the first and only programme for responsible production in the copper industry. Originally developed by the International Copper Association with input from a broad range of stakeholders including customers, NGOs and producers, the Copper Mark is now an independent entity with a multi-stakeholder council.

And here are more reasons we love our copper:

It includes recycled scrap metal, helping reduce waste.

In 2018 alone, we recycled more than 2.8 million pounds of copper scrap metal – enough to provide the electrical wiring in 6,400 new homes.

It is powered by renewable energy.

By retiring its coal-fired power plant in 2019 and purchasing renewable energy certificates instead, Kennecott reduced its annual carbon footprint by around 65%. And in 2019, Kennecott was awarded Clean Air Business Partner of the Year from the Utah Clean Air Partnership for its collaboration in solving air quality challenges.


of the copper produced at Kennecott is recyclable


homes wireable with its copper recycled in 2018

And like all the materials we produce, our copper is essential for the future.

Copper is the best non-precious conductor of heat and electricity on the planet. Because it can help things work more efficiently, copper will play an important part in the transition to a low-carbon economy. For example, a single 1MW wind turbine uses three tonnes of copper. And electric vehicles have a copper intensity 3-4 times higher than traditional vehicles.

It’s enough to make anyone blush.