Image of yellow cells in microscopic view with black background

Dr Rosa Vásquez Espinoza’s field microscope


Boiling rivers, ancient Chinese water microscopes and working with communities to ensure ecosystems into the future

Chemical biologist and explorer Dr Rosa Vásquez Espinoza shares with Dr Anna the one item she can’t live without – her field microscope. 

Dr Rosa takes us on an expedition to the Amazon as we understand how integral her microscope is to her day-to-day work searching for the tiniest creatures, from heat-loving microbes that exist in boiling rivers to the stingless bee native to Peru. Another exploration expert – our Managing Director of Studies, Alison Morley – joins us to share tales of following the clues found in the patterns in rocks and what these patterns tell us about our earth, before Dr Anna asks both Dr Rosa and Alison how we can ensure that these ecosystems being explored are protected for our future.

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Things you can't live without episode 8 with Dr Rosa Vásquez Espinoza

Episode 8 transcript
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