Our approach

Our approach

The way we work / 03:15

At Rio Tinto, we are committed to delivering lasting benefit to the communities where we work, as well as to our shareholders and employees.

Metals and minerals are the foundation of global development. They are integral to the infrastructure and technologies that enable societies to advance and improve. In homes, offices and cities, there are thousands of products that originate from a mine.

Yet while our products are essential to modern life, we operate in a complex, interconnected world. Issues such as climate change, local employment, biodiversity and regional development present both risk and opportunity to our business.

Our code of conduct, The way we work, helps us manage these risks – and take advantage of the opportunities. In so doing, we maximise our contribution to sustainable development.

Health, safety and the environment

Rio Tinto produces minerals and metals that are essential to human progress.

For us, contributing to sustainable development is about producing the materials the world needs in a responsible way. This means sharing the benefits our business creates and minimising any negative impacts on people, communities and the environment.

We are committed to operating our business responsibly with respect for the safety and health of our people, our communities, and the risks and responsibilities associated with the local and global environment.

For Rio Tinto Japan, which is an office environment, not a mining operation, our HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment) policy sets out our commitment to HSE matters:

Our HSE policy

Rio Tinto Office Health, Safety and Environment Management System

Rio Tinto is committed to protecting the environment around our business and to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all people including employees, visitors and contractors who are covered by the Rio Tinto Office HSE Management System. We are dedicated to servicing our customers and performing our duties in an efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Our goal

Rio Tinto aims to continually improve our business performance and increase value by exercising our expertise and leveraging Group scale, whilst striving to achieve our objective of zero injuries, illnesses, environmental damage, property damage and quality or production issues.