Taxes paid

Taxes paid

We are proud of the products we deliver to our customers – metals and minerals that are essential to human progress. We are also proud of the broader economic contribution we make to society – part of which takes the form of taxes paid to governments.

We have a long-running commitment to transparency about how and where we pay taxes. For eight years we have pioneered progress in transparent tax reporting by producing our annual Taxes Paid report. We publish this report on a voluntary basis and we are committed to continuing our leading role in developing best practice. Our report is designed to provide information on our tax contribution that is relevant and easily understood, whilst also showing how we create value for our stakeholders.

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Chris Lynch, Chief financial officer Chris Lynch, Chief financial officer

Taxes paid in 2017

In 2017, we paid US$5.1 billion in taxes and royalties globally. This includes the taxes and royalties we paid, the wages and benefits we provided to our employees, the payments we made to suppliers and our investment in communities.

Chief financial officer Chris Lynch said: “Rio Tinto aims to make a positive, lasting contribution to the communities and countries in which we operate. Part of this contribution takes the form of taxes paid to national, regional and local governments. We believe it is important that our investors, communities and other stakeholders understand the significant economic contribution we make through the tax we pay.

“During 2017, the Rio Tinto Group paid more than US$5.1 billion in taxes and royalties. US$3.8 billion of this total was paid in Australia, where we also expect to pay a further final tax instalment of US$1.2 billion in June 2018, for the 2017 calendar year.

Global taxes and royalties paid in 2017, by country Global taxes and royalties paid in 2017, by country
Global taxes and royalties paid in 2017, by country

Rio Tinto and tax transparency

In the mining industry Rio Tinto has led the way in the transparent reporting of taxes paid.

Rio Tinto pioneered the practice of corporate tax transparency in 2010 and has been recognised as best-practice in tax reporting and transparency among multinational companies. We believe that transparency makes good business sense.

We are supportive of countries publicly disclosing contracts and licences for the exploitation of oil, gas and minerals. To this end, the disclosures contained in our Taxes Paid report are consistent with our support for the principles of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). The report also includes information required to be disclosed under the Australian Voluntary Tax Transparency Code and the UK Large Business Tax Compliance requirements.

Rio Tinto's tax planning conforms to our corporate values and our global code of business conduct, The way we work. Integrity is a core business value, and we aim to act fairly, honestly and consistently in what we say and do.

Explore our Taxes paid in 2017 report to learn more about our economic contributions, our tax strategy and governance, and the detail of the payments we make.