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CGT Rules

You may want to check and monitor how your shares are doing. The latest Rio Tinto share price is shown below, along with other market data. (Note: actual quoted prices are subject to a short delay).

For more information for shareholders who are tax resident in the UK and, as a result of the Rio Tinto plc Rights Issue 2009, either took up some of their Rights through a cashless take-up or elected to sell all their Rights to New Rio Tinto plc shares.

Read more on the UK capital gain tax rules for shareholders (before 6 April 2008) and UK capital gains tax rules for shareholders (on or after 6 April 2008).

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Dividend Determination

As the majority of the Group's sales are transacted in US dollars it is the most reliable currency in which to measure the Group's financial performance and is its main reporting currency. The US dollar is therefore the natural currency for dividend determination. Dividends determined in US dollars are translated at exchange rates prevailing two days prior to announcement and are then declared payable in pounds sterling by Rio Tinto plc and in Australian dollars by Rio Tinto Limited.

UK shareholders of Rio Tinto Limited can elect to receive dividends in pounds sterling.

Payment Elections

Australian and UK shareholders may elect to have cash dividends paid directly into any bank, building society or credit union account.

Dividends & Taxation - Dividend Imputation System

The basis of the Australian dividend imputation system is that when Australian resident shareholders receive dividends from Rio Tinto Limited, they may be entitled to a credit for the tax paid by the Company in respect of that income, depending on the tax status of the shareholder. The application of the system results in the tax paid by the Company being allocated to shareholders by way of imputation credits attaching to the dividends they receive. Such dividends are known are franked dividends. A dividend may be partly or fully franked. Any imputation credits attached to the dividend are shown in the Dividend Statement provided to shareholders.

Fully Franked Dividends

Since 1988, all dividends declared by Rio Tinto Limited have been fully franked. It is the Company's policy to pay fully franked dividends whenever possible.

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