Working with us

Working with us

QMM offers a rewarding work experience, with competitive wages, above standard working conditions and benefits, and the opportunity to participate in training and career development programmes and community development activities.

QMM is committed to security, collaboration, excellence, vision, ingenuity, social responsibility, and performance. We're looking for talented people who share these values and can demonstrate their skills.

Join our 700 employees at QMM, where you not only work for us, you contribute to our success.

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Hiring process

We understand how important it is for you to find a new job or choose a new career. That is why we want to make sure that your goals, aspirations, and skills match our company profile.

Each step of the hiring process is an opportunity to continue, in transparency, to follow up your application file you have submitted while applying for a job in our company.

The hiring process includes an interview with a QMM recruitment team member. The interview, which would be in person or by phone, depending on your location and your availability, consists of examining and evaluating your skills. If successful, your application will be registered on a short list that will be submitted the QMM team member responsible for hiring.

Second interviews are normally held in person, which gives you the opportunity to experience the QMM environment.

We recruit without any prejudice against age, social or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious opinion, and we treat everyone with fairness and honesty.

We want to contribute to the local communities, and so we favour local hiring.

Recruitment process

For applicants in Fort-Dauphin and the local mining:

  • Acknowledgment of receipt of your application
  • QMM preselects applications based on qualifications
  • A written test relating to the required knowledge for the job
  • A call from the Human Resources (HR) team to inform you whether your application has been accepted
  • A selection interview with the HR representative and the hiring manager
  • A call from HR to inform you whether your application has been accepted
  • A second “validation” interview with the successful applicant
  • A pre-employment medical examination at ISOS Fort-Dauphin to check for physical and psychological fitness
  • Reference check
  • Salary offer followed by signing your new contract

For national applicants:

As above, except the acknowledgment of receipt of your application will be automatically delivered to you once you send your application to

If the person in charge determines that your skills meet the job requirements, you will receive an offer of employment.


Please send your application to