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New South Wales, Australia

The Australian Scandium Project located in New South Wales, Australia, offers a long life, high-grade scandium oxide resource that has the potential to become a primary scandium operation in Australia.

This project builds on our existing scandium production operation in Quebec and enhances our position to become a global leading supplier in the developing scandium market.

Proposed mining operations

  • The proposed mine will be a small, shallow, open-cut operation with a minimum footprint, and no tailings dam, blasting or extensive water use.
  • The small operational footprint, and small volumes of ore, will allow us to consider a full electric operation with renewables.
  • Truck movements to-and-from the site each day will be in the single figures, ensuring minimal impact on local traffic.
  • Proposed mining operations will be above the water table, meaning there will be no impact to the groundwater underneath.

A strategic material

Scandium is one of the most effective elements able to strengthen aluminium, while also offering improved flexibility and resistance to heat and corrosion. As a result, it is used to produce high-performance aluminium alloys for applications that need to be light, strong and heat resistant, including in aerospace, automotive, heat exchangers, sporting goods, 3D printing and energy transmission applications.

Scandium oxide is also used to improve the performance of solid oxide fuel cells: a clean and efficient energy source for commercial and residential buildings, industrial facilities, data centres and medical centres.

And as the demand for cleaner, lighter, and more durable materials continues to rise, we expect the use of scandium to continue to grow along with this demand.

Next steps

As we progress the project, we will continue to work collaboratively with the Wiradjuri People and local community to undertake heritage assessments, develop technical and environmental studies, and secure necessary permits and approvals.

We are currently undertaking a review and update of plans done by the asset’s previous owner. This includes updating the feasibility study. Our objective is to improve and refine the project to reach our goal of a strong emerging scandium business whilst meeting the environmental and social standards expected of us, and maximising local and regional benefits.

We look forward to sharing updates as we move forward with the project.

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