Our position on deep-sea mining

Rio Tinto has no plans to carry out deep-sea mining activities.

Last updated: 8 November 2023


We believe that not enough is known about the impacts of deep-sea mining, and that it should not take place unless comprehensive scientific research refutes currently held evidence that it will create significant environmental and socio-economic implications.

We welcome the serious consideration that is being given to this issue by governments in the framework of the International Seabed Authority. We believe that all stakeholders who would be impacted by deep-sea mining should have their views heard and considered in related decisions.

Responsible land-based mining can supply the materials required for the energy transition as well as meeting other essential minerals and metals needs, and there are proven capabilities and technologies to deliver these supplies. The impacts of land-based mining are far better understood than deep-sea mining and we are continuously working to find ways to better mitigate them.

Recycling and the circular economy have an important role to play, and we are actively investing and working to support their growth with our partners through the supply chains we are part of.