Our purpose and values

Purpose & Values

For over 150 years we’ve been looking for new and better ways of doing things.

This drive for innovation and continuous improvement is at the heart of our company's purpose: Finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs.

Today, you'll find our teams around the world doing just that: seeking opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint, partnering to develop new technologies to decarbonise steel and aluminium production, and creating new products from waste.

But we can’t do it on our own. We’re striving to create partnerships to solve problems, create win-win and meet opportunities.

Our ambition is to be a business with a commodity mix that is aligned with evolving customer demand in a decarbonising world. A home for curious people, who care about their work and colleagues, and are courageous about finding better ways to do things and are empowered to adapt quickly to solve problems and meet opportunities. And the partner of choice for customers, governments and communities.

Becka is a subject matter expert on all things Closure. She helps us navigate all the challenges we face at a site when mining stops, so we can deliver the best possible outcomes for the environments we work in, and our host communities.

'Finding better ways' speaks to our drive for both innovation and continuous improvement, whilst also emphasising how solutions are delivered – with impeccable ESG performance. We are striving for new ways to do things, and deeper partnerships to solve problems, create win-win and meet opportunities. There are already hundreds of examples of how we are doing this. It applies to big, meaningful innovation and smaller everyday progress.”

- Jakob Stausholm, Chief Executive

  • Elysis aluminium

    A partnership to decarbonise aluminium smelting

    We’re partnering with Alcoa, supported by Apple and the Governments of Canada and Quebec, on ELYSIS, a joint venture to develop breakthrough aluminium smelting technology that produces no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Michael, our iron man

    Researching a new way to decarbonise steel making

    BioIron™ uses raw, sustainable biomass and microwave energy instead of coal to convert Pilbara iron ore to iron in the steelmaking process. We have proven the process works using a small-scale pilot plant, and now we’re planning to test it on a larger scale
  • Dave and solar panels, Kennecott operations

    Turning slime into solar panels

    At our Kennecott copper operations near Salt Lake City, Utah, we’ve discovered a way to extract tellurium – a critical mineral – from an unlikely source: slime
  • Gudai-Darri solar farm, Pilbara

    Repowering our mobile fleet in Western Australia

    We’re working on several projects that will electrify the mobile fleet at our Pilbara operations – including haul trucks, mobile equipment and rail operations – by replacing existing diesel fleets with battery and other technologies
  • Phone scanning the START label

    A nutrition label for aluminium

    To help meet growing demand for transparency and traceability of the products we buy, we created START. Like a “nutrition label” for aluminium, it tracks key information about where and how it was produced
  • Borrow area, Gove

    Re-planting an ecosystem without topsoil

    At our Gove bauxite mine in the Northern Territory, Australia, we’re researching new techniques to rehabilitate land
  • Bauxite, Gove Operations

    Nose to tail mining

    Over the past few years, our scientists and engineers have been working hard to find a use for every material we dig out of the ground and using the by-products of our metal processing operations too
  • Holotype of the Blind Cave Eel

    Investigating MARs

    In the Pilbara, Western Australia, we’re investigating the use of managed acquifer recharge – a developing practice that will be fundamental to improving our long-term environmental performance

Our values – care, courage and curiosity – guide how we work and how we treat each other

  • Care
  • Courage
  • Curiosity


For people, for the communities in which we operate and for our environment

We act with care by prioritising the physical and emotional safety and wellbeing of those around us. We respect others, build trusting relationships and consider the impact of our actions. We look for ways to contribute to a better future for our people, communities and the planet.


To try new things, speak up and do what’s right

We act with courage by showing integrity, speaking up when something is not right and taking decisive action when needed. We are not afraid to try new things. We respond positively in difficult situations and demonstrate commitment to achieving shared goals.


To collaborate, learn and innovate

We act with curiosity by inviting diverse ideas and collaborating to achieve more together than can be done alone. We are continuously learning, creatively looking for better and safer ways of doing things. We draw inspiration from others and the world around us.

Our purpose #FindingBetterWays

Our code of conduct

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Our Code of Conduct, The Way We Work, lays out clear expectations on how we should conduct our business, and ourselves, no matter where we work or where we are from. We want everyone to have the courage to speak up when something is not right, to show integrity and take decisive action when needed. This is not always easy, but being courageous means doing it anyway. Visit the Ethics & Compliance page for more information on the way we work.

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