Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

Rio Tinto Diamonds’ business model is to work with a network of partners – diamantaires, manufacturers, designers and retailers – to bring diamond consumers innovative products that they can trust.

We are headquartered in London with a sales and marketing support office in Antwerp and representative office in India. This helps us to better understand the operating environments and support ongoing development. For example, it is estimated that at least two-thirds of Rio Tinto's diamond production by value is manufactured in India, where some 250,000 workers are engaged in diamond manufacturing. Our Indian office in Mumbai has been operating since 1989, providing diamond traders, jewellery manufacturers and exporters with sales and technical support, including assistance to develop superior diamond cutting skills. We have also introduced initiatives to help improve the industry's practices in relation to health, safety, quality management and environmental and social responsibility.

Our niche Argyle Pink Diamonds business, which cuts and polished the rarest pink diamonds in the world, is located in Perth, Western Australia.

Select Diamantaire programme

The main part of Rio Tinto's diamond production is sold through Supply Agreements with our Select Diamantaire: core customers selected on the basis of their specific experience and expertise in the trading, cutting and polishing of diamonds and their impeccable reputation. As part of our Select Diamantaire Programme, we work with these core customers to recognise the specialty of their business, their geographic location and their customer base, providing them with a regular supply of consistently assorted rough diamonds tailored to their specialisation. This helps them to develop their own marketing and merchandising activities and grow their downstream business.

The Select Diamantaire Mark provided to each of these customers promotes their status as exclusive providers of rough diamonds from one or more of our mines. They are also provided with a range of personalised marketing materials, a dedicated Select Diamantaire website and tailored marketing initiatives and events.

Our office in Antwerp conducts rough diamond sales ten times per year for our Select Diamantaire. In addition to this, our invitation sales provides our Selected Diamantaire and other selected companies with a tender mechanism to bid for the remainder of our production. Special tenders are also conducted for our highest-value diamonds, including our annual Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender where our rarest-of-rare pink diamonds regularly fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars to multi-millions of dollars. Viewings are held in key locations around the world for invited clients who lodge sealed bids for these special gems.

Core sales

Rio Tinto Diamonds sells its rough diamonds in large volumes (known as core sales) to a number of customers known as Select Diamantaire. Productions from Argyle and Diavik remain separate to preserve the country and mine of origin.

Core sales occur ten times per year, in line with the industry's market cycle. During these sales, customers can view products and discuss their requirements.

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Rio Tinto Diamonds keeps the production from each of our mines separate and can track the stories of our diamonds and share them with our customers.

We can describe the story of their formation and their unique location, together with the beliefs and traditions of the indigenous people who have shared the landscapes with these incredible stones, often for many thousands of years.

We can also tell the story of their discovery and their recovery. And trace their journey and legacy once unleashed from the earth. From here there are the stories of those who have skilfully cut and polished them, those who have creatively fashioned them into individual design pieces, those who have bought and cherished them, and those who have benefited from the activities of the mining industry.

These stories take us back in time to the earth's early history. They take us around the world, to visit diverse geographies and diverse cultures. They describe the skills and achievements of both individuals and large workforces. They demonstrate the power of partnership. And, perhaps above all, they help us to appreciate the enduring power and beauty of nature.

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