About Marine & Logistics

About Marine & Logistics

Marine & Logistics, part of the Commercial Group, was established in 1996 to provide ocean freight services to the Rio Tinto Group. As a critical supply chain partner to our mining businesses, Marine adds value by providing global shipping services and acting as the central repository of maritime expertise for the Group.

A key focus is on ensuring high operational and safety standards, both in third party ships and across Marine's fleet of owned ships.

Marine & Logistics maintains an understanding of all aspects of marine transportation, the freight markets and the regulatory environment, and combines all shipping activities in one business unit to drive operational and commercial efficiency.

We move a broad range of commodities including iron ore, coal, bauxite, industrial minerals, aluminium, concentrates and metal. These are carried in a mixture of ship sizes and types ranging from very large ore carriers through bulk carriers and container ships to small coasters.

Marine & Logistics charters a large number of ships each year to meet the demands of the Group. Chartering teams located in our worldwide offices work in the international and local markets to provide timely and efficient freight to the Group marketing departments.

Rio Tinto Marine believes in long term sustainability of the oceans through safer ships and cleaner seas. Safety dominates Marine’s strategy and remains our license to operate. Marine seeks to deliver a sustainable and safe service, which adds value to competitive, low cost freight and maritime services for the Group. It is the central repository of marine safety expertise within the Rio Tinto Group possessing a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of marine operational safety and the international maritime regulatory environment. Recognising that safety is personal: Marine seeks to engage with its employees and seafarers requiring from them a commitment to ‘zero harm’, which it will strive to achieve through a retention of tenure amongst its employees and crews. As part of its commitment to improving the health, safety and the environmental aspect of ocean transportation, Rio Tinto joined with BHP Billiton and later joined by Cargill to found and develop Rightship which is now a world leader in vetting systems for bulk shipping.

Rio Tinto Marine is headquartered in Singapore and has global representation. We currently employ approximately 80 shipping professionals in Singapore and Montreal with offices in London, Gladstone, Denver, Dampier, Shanghai and Voreppe.

Rio Tinto Marine is a critical supply chain partner to Rio Tinto's mining businesses, adding value by providing global shipping services and acting as the central repository of maritime expertise for the Group.