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Graduates & Students

Change the World from Day One

Australia and New Zealand: 2022 Graduate Programme & 2021 Vacation Student Programme

We love fresh ideas.

That’s why we’re looking for Australian and New Zealand graduates and students from a range of degrees to join our graduate and vacation programmes.

As part of the programmes, you’ll help us transform the way we do things. You’ll be given the tools to innovate and invent – to help us produce the materials the world needs in a safer, smarter, more sustainable way. 

To pioneer progress, for you and us.

Join Rio Tinto today and shape the world of tomorrow

Do you want to reinvent tomorrow and make a positive, lasting impact?

From day one, our graduates help shape who we are. We create an environment where you can go further. One that rewards curious and creative minds.

Your ideas can help us pioneer safer, smarter and more sustainable ways to produce the materials the world needs.

Join us and pioneer not just your career, but a better future for tomorrow.

Be Curious. Be Proud. Belong. From Day One.


We’re looking for curious Indigenous graduates to join us and help shape who we are.

It’s more than a career – it’s an opportunity to make an impact, and create a legacy you’re proud of.

Be part of the change.

Graduate Programme

Our graduate programme gives you the tools and skills to innovate and invent – to pioneer progress for you and for us. It is designed to launch your career and prepare you for leadership roles.

As part of our programme, you’ll:

  • Learn fundamental leadership skills by leading a virtual team through a gamified leadership simulation
  • Challenge your thinking and gain outside in perspective from futurists and external thought leaders
  • Acquire a toolkit focused on future skills to inspire innovation and creativity through a series of masterclass
  • Team up with graduate colleagues to innovate solutions for future business and world challenges
  • Grow your leadership skills with one-on-one coaching sessions with an experienced external coach
  • Network with our senior leaders and subject matter experts
  • Access world-class digital learning
  • Claudia, Graduate Mechatronics Engineer
    Meet Claudia, Graduate Mechatronics Engineer
  • Lucas, Environmental Graduate
    Meet Lucas, Environment Graduate
  • Lincoln, Graduate Data Scientist
    Meet Lincoln, Graduate Data Scientist

Student Programmes

We’re looking for pioneers – motivated students who want to reinvent tomorrow and make a lasting impact.

Our vacation and intern programmes provide you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, apply skills to real-life projects, and get a taste of the day to day life at Rio Tinto.

The best part? You can secure a graduate position at the end of the programme.