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New Jobs for Western Australia

Through these difficult times, we continue to work with governments, communities and our employees to keep our operations running safely, so we can continue to contribute to local and national economies and serve our customers. 

As a result of ongoing recruitment for a number of critical roles, we are currently looking for candidates for our Pilbara iron ore operations. These positions are a mix of permanent and temporary roles.

We are looking for:

We are also looking for a number of temporary roles through our partner WorkPac:

Currently, due to travel restrictions, these roles are open to residents of Western Australia only.  

We encourage women and diverse candidates to apply for these roles and consider joining our team as we focus on safely running our business through this period.

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Katie, Superintendent, Development, Drill and Blast, Pilbara


Superintendent, Development, Drill & Blast, Pilbara

My mum was an incredible role model. Growing up, I knew that I could be a leader and make a difference. Gender wasn’t a factor.


It took me a long time to realise that a lot of other women aren’t given the same support and encouragement to pursue whichever career they want. It’s why I’m such a passionate advocate for inclusion and diversity.

I’ve seen the best and the worst of the mining industry. I’ve been told I don’t belong. I’m only 30 and I’ve still been ‘the first woman to…’ a handful of times. But I know that’s not the norm. Things are getting better. I’ve been given amazing opportunities, I’ve worked to improve the productivity and safety of my team. I’m the youngest Superintendent at Greater Hope Downs [in Western Australia]. I’m a strong operational leader and proof that women shouldn’t just be relegated to periphery roles in mining. My hope is that one day we reach a critical mass where there is no typical leader. Everyone should be free to choose their career and not be hindered by social barriers.

Katie is superintendent, Development, Drill and Blast in our Pilbara iron ore business. She was also a finalist in the Outstanding Young Woman in Resources category for The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia 2020 Women in Resources Awards.


Environment superintendent, Diavik Diamond Mine
I certainly didn’t go to school to be the bear police, or the wolverine police, or anything like that; but there are times where I feel like my entire job is chasing bears. It’s pretty awesome.
Sean, Environment Superintendent, Diavik Diamond Mine


Between summer and winter, it’s just an entirely different world. When we’re out in the field, we’re in areas where you can’t even see that we’re near a mine site and some of the terrain is pretty spectacular – you can find yourself in the middle of a caribou herd or watching a wolverine or wolves running around. Not too many jobs where you get to go out and explore the super remote arctic tundra on a snowmobile.

I’ve been here for nearly four years now. A lot of the technicians have been here for years and years, and have so much experience dealing with bears and how to manage wildlife so really for me, it was just learning from the team. We’re just out there sampling water, sampling the air, monitoring wildlife, making sure we’re not having a negative impact. I’d say I’ve got the best job in the world.

Sean is an environment superintendent at our Diavik diamond mine – 200 km south of the Arctic Circle in beautiful Canada