Rio Tinto is the global leader in aluminium, one of the world’s most widely used metals.

Rio Tinto’s alumunium smelter in Kitimat produces three product lines: sheet ingots, commercial grade trilok and sows. Given our advantageous geographic location on Canada’s west coast, our products are shipped primarily to customers in Japan, South Korea, as well as the USA.

Careful quality control and a capacity for extensive product customization are hallmarks of Rio Tinto’s production processes and facilities in Kitimat. On-site analytical and metallographic laboratories heighten the operation’s ability to meet customer specifications.


Commercial Grade Trilock
Commercial Grade Trilock is the major product created in Kitimat. Trilock ingots consist of pure aluminium and are re-melted and re-cast by customers to meet the full range of aluminium end-uses.

Sheet Ingot
Sheet ingot has recently become a popular product line in Kitimat due to increasing demand and our world-class quality. Kitimat sheet ingots are used in many end applications, such as electronics, building panels, lithographic, automotive, heat exchangers and household/ medical foils.

This is a new product line for Kitimat, made possible by the new modernised smelter. Sow products of the calibre produced in Kitimat are sold for remelt and used in electronics and other specialized, high tech equipment.