Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Our approach to sustainable development is underpinned by the principles of creating mutual value by sharing risk, collaborating to create trust and leading through innovation.

This commitment follows our global code of business conduct, The way we work, and is reinforced by our policies on health, safety, environment and communities, diversity and inclusion, human rights, product stewardship, transparency and business integrity.

Our commitment is further defined in the ten sustainable development principles of our iron ore business. These are:

  • deliver economic value from our assets and resources
  • ensure our communities benefit from the value generated by our operations
  • contribute to the creation of resilient communities
  • protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, customers and host communities
  • attract, develop and retain people with diverse backgrounds and skills
  • respect the cultures, customs, beliefs and values of our employees, contractors, customers and host communities
  • demonstrate responsible biodiversity stewardship in the regions in which we operate
  • improve energy efficiency and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas intensity over our product lifecycle
  • responsibly manage our water resources
  • minimise all forms of environmental harm

We use a range of tools, procedures and management systems to ensure our projects, operations and expansions are appropriately planned and implemented to maximise our contribution to sustainable development.