Since 2012, the product group has followed a disciplined, value-accretive, low-cost brownfield approach to expansion.

The addition of Silvergrass in 2017, comprising the installation of a satellite crusher and an overland conveyer, added an extra 10 million tonnes of capacity. The Koodaideri project is being studied as the next major replacement mine and is a low-cost option that would help underpin the Pilbara Blend product.

A number of sustaining mine developments to provide high-quality, low-cost options to sustain existing production are also progressing.

In 2017, our Community Infrastructure and Services Partnerships (CISP) with the City of Karratha and the Shire of Ashburton were extended a further five years, helping to improve infrastructure and services in the region. Rio Tinto will contribute a further A$7.7 million to the City of Karratha CISP and A$5.7 million to the Shire of Ashburton CISP over a period of five years.

As part of the partnership with the City of Karratha, Rio Tinto will contribute A$8 million towards the construction of the Wickham Community Hub and a further A$7.5 million toward its operation. The Hub will feature a public library, a water playground, a skate park and multi-purpose facilities.