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We operate in 35 countries where our 57,000 employees are working to find better ways to provide the materials the world needs

We operate in 35 countries where our 57,000 employees are working to find better ways to provide the materials the world needs. Our portfolio includes iron ore, copper, aluminium and a range of other minerals and materials needed for people, communities and nations to grow and prosper, and for the world to cut carbon emissions to net zero. We continuously search for new projects that can support the energy transition, currently exploring for 8 commodities in 18 countries.

We have more than 150 years of mining and processing experience guiding our work. Today, our business relies on technology such as automation and artificial intelligence to help us run safer, more efficient operations and leave a lighter footprint.

Our purpose is at the core of everything we do. It inspires our efforts and guides our decisions.

Finding better ways™ to provide the materials the world needs

Our strategy will move our business, customers, partners and the world forward.

Grow in materials essential for the energy transition

Aim to grow in commodities such as copper, aluminium, high-grade iron ore, lithium and other critical minerals.

Accelerate the decarbonisation of our assets

Switch to renewable power, electrifying processing and running electric mobile fleets.

Develop products and technologies that help our customers decarbonise

Partner with customers and suppliers and invest in R&D to reduce emissions across our value chains.

Dave and solar panels, Kennecott operations

Turning slime into solar panels

Our Kennecott copper mine is extracting a rare, valuable metal from waste
Gudai-Darri solar farm, Pilbara

Harnessing renewables to decarbonise the Pilbara

Sun and wind will power one of the world's largest microgrids
Yarwun Alumina Refinery from the air

Could hydrogen help reduce emissions in the aluminium industry?

A new pilot program will help us find out

Our objectives guide our everyday work to achieve our strategy and drive progress.

Become the best operator

Expand our capabilities and empower our people to improve our operational performance.

Achieve impeccable ESG

Align our priorities with community expectations and consider sustainability in all decisions.

Excel in development

Grow and develop our pipeline of opportunities, and build our capabilities and partnerships for capital-efficient delivery.

Strengthen our social licence

Earn trust by building meaningful relationships and partnerships, continuing to listen and learn.

Our people, culture and values create an environment where everyone feels safe, respected and empowered, so we can continue to find better ways together.


Care about the safety of ourselves and others, creating an environment of trust, and the impact we have on our colleagues and others, communities and the environment.


Courage to show vulnerability, speak up and challenge when we can do better, and take ownership of our actions and outcomes to drive performance.


Curiosity to learn and grow in our fields of expertise, look for opportunities to solve problems with everyday innovation, and be open to different perspectives.

Our business model helps us deliver value that matters to our stakeholders.

  • 1. Explore & evaluate
  • 2. Develop & innovate
  • 3. Mine & process
  • 4. Market & deliver
  • 5. Repurpose & renew

We use new and advanced technologies to explore, discover and deliver attractive  growth opportunities, focusing on materials essential for the energy transition.

We use some of the newest and most advanced technologies in the world to discover and unlock the value of new growth opportunities.

Driven by our vision to be the most successful explorer in the industry, we invest throughout commodity price cycles with a focus on materials essential for the energy transition.

We consider new commodities and products with an understanding of customers’ and communities’ needs, while maintaining a diverse, balanced and dynamic portfolio. 

We are mindful of our potential future social and environmental impact and are committed to building sustainable, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with the communities in which we operate.

As a low-carbon future is at the heart of our strategy, we also evaluate emerging opportunities in the circular economy and in renewable energy production.  

We are an industry leader in research and development and partner with customers, technology providers, academia and local communities to develop new projects and more efficient, safer and sustainable production pathways.

We aim to grow our business while maintaining our commitment to capital discipline and finding better ways to provide the materials the world needs. 

We are an industry leader in developing new and innovative mining and processing options. We invest in research and development with a focus on technologies that help keep our people safe, raise our productivity, reduce capital intensity, unlock new revenue opportunities and improve our environmental, social and governance performance. 

Achieving net zero will also rely on the development and enhancement of new technologies, and we are working with stakeholders across the value chain to accelerate the development of more sustainable, low-carbon production pathways.

Working with a growing network of partners – governments, communities, academia, emerging businesses, customers and suppliers – will help us expand our understanding, capabilities and ultimately our ability to develop and operate new projects.

We own and operate mining and processing operations spanning a range of countries and commodities. We are a global industry leader, focused on safe, productive and environmentally responsible performance. 

We own and operate mining and processing, smelting and refining operations, spanning a range of countries and commodities. 

We find better ways to simplify the way we work and share best practices across our assets to support safe, productive, profitable and environmentally responsible operational performance.

Our operations benefit local economies by contributing training and skills development, jobs, taxes and royalties, contracts with local businesses, and social and community investment. 

We also support the economic diversification of regions where we are based, in alignment with national and regional development plans, playing our role in ensuring our host communities can thrive long after our operations close. 

Our ambition is for our operations to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. By understanding and respecting our business partners, employees, communities and the environment, we can create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

We market our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers and maximise value for our business, delivering them safely, reliably and efficiently through our global logistics network. 

We align our products with market and customer needs to maximise value for the business. 

Our materials are essential enablers of the energy transition and are used in a vast array of everyday products – from electric vehicles to smartphones and skyscrapers. 

The transition to net zero will create additional demand for copper, aluminium, high-grade iron ore, lithium and other critical minerals. 

We support growth in these commodities with a focus on creating lower carbon, responsibly sourced and traceable products that help our customers decarbonise.

Our global logistics network of rail, ports and ships enables us to control end-to-end delivery of our products safely, reliably and efficiently.

We design and operate our assets to leave a positive legacy when operations cease. We engage our stakeholders in rehabilitation planning and we review each site’s plans annually.

Planning and operating with the future in mind is integral to running a safe, responsible and profitable business.

We also design and operate our assets in a way that will leave a positive legacy when our mining or processing operations cease. 

We engage stakeholders of our sites nearing closure – including Indigenous Peoples, government, employees and host communities – and actively involve them in our planning. 

Each of our sites has rehabilitation plans that we review every year as we continue to find better ways to leave a positive legacy for the communities in which we operate.

Underpinned by disciplined capital allocation

Our business is underpinned by a disciplined approach to capital allocation; we strive to use every dollar prudently. Today, our balance sheet is a key strength, providing a resilient platform for strong and consistent shareholder returns, as well as enabling us to invest throughout the commodity cycle.

How we delivered value in 2023

1.5M hours developing our people


$84M in voluntary social investment


32.6Mt CO2e Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions


$4.6B in corporate tax paid


435 cents in total dividends declared to shareholders


1,900 across multiple industries


$20.8B spent with suppliers


Most importantly, effective and responsive corporate governance manages our performance.

Tracked and measured

We measure our strategic progress through a mix of financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with our purpose and strategy. In addition to key financial, operational and safety performance metrics, we track progress across ESG themes including gender diversity and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Overseen by our Board

Our success depends on effective and responsive corporate governance. Our Board oversees how we deliver on our purpose and strategy and monitors our culture to make sure it aligns with our values. The Board also oversees how we manage social and environmental risks and monitors our performance to ensure we generate value for shareholders while our business contributes to wider society.

Reflected in remuneration

Our Remuneration Policy is designed to support the delivery of our strategy in a responsible and sustainable way that reflects our purpose and values. It considers our financial and safety performance, our culture and our ESG measures, such as accelerating decarbonisation and strengthening our social licence. The main elements include base salary, short-term incentive plan (STIP) and long-term incentive plan (LTIP).

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