Arnaud Soirat

Chief Executive, Copper & Diamonds

Arnaud Soirat, executive team

We see a world where copper will play an ever more central role in the technology that drives human progress – wind turbines to electric cars to the pipes that bring clean water to homes around the world – and diamonds continue to mark the happiest moments in our own, individual progress.

Arnaud was appointed chief executive of our Copper & Diamonds (C&D) product group in 2016. Under Arnaud’s leadership, C&D has progressed its growth projects and focused on operational excellence, productivity improvement and cost reduction, deploying lean manufacturing to help achieve its strong results, and embedding sustainability in the way the product group operates. Rio Tinto diamonds are among the world’s most coveted and most responsible; and our copper is part of the sustainability solution, being essential for clean energy technologies that help address climate change.

Arnaud joined Rio Tinto in 2010 with 25 years’ experience in the metals and mining industry and a wealth of operational and commercial experience. Arnaud previously served as president and chief executive officer, Rio Tinto Aluminium Primary Metal, with responsibility for managing and improving global operations and businesses. Before joining Rio Tinto, Arnaud spent 18 years in various technical and operational positions with Alcoa and Pechiney in both Australia and Europe.