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Electric car chargers

Europe’s race to decarbonise requires a secure and sustainable supply of critical minerals 

By Sinead Kaufman, Chief Executive, Minerals, Rio Tinto

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Tractor with CHAC

Mining waste is fertile ground

Finding a new use for a by-product of aluminium production

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Amid chaos and uncertainty, Canada has an opportunity for industrial leadership

Jakob Stausholm, Chief Executive of Rio Tinto

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Artefacts reveal new insights to history

A new Canadian research project aims to resolve “unfinished business”

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Aluminium cans

From Bauxite to Beverage Cans

Using blockchain to help trace our responsible aluminium

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Bauxite, Gove Operations

Nose to tail mining

Making the most of what we take from the ground

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Phone scanning the START label

How do you make a nutrition label for aluminium?

By tracing the steps from START to finish

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Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean

Stronger Together

Supporting entrepreneurship in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec

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Tshiuetin Rail Transportation, Canada

Schefferville on track for growth

North America’s first Indigenous-owned and operated railroad

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Josette, Director of Arvida Research & Development Centre

Meet Josette: Mind Mixer in Chief

Josette leads the team innovating more sustainable aluminium

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Water atomised steel powder

A New Steel Powder for 3D Printing

Something infinitely small is making a big change

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A Critical Mineral Hiding in the Desert

A Critical Mineral Hiding in the Desert

Extracting lithium from mining waste

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Strike while the iron (ore) is hot

Strike While the Iron (Ore) is Hot: One Woman’s Philosophy

At the Iron Ore Company of Canada, Michelle has broken a lot of barriers - and “moved a lot of dirt” - thanks to three rules for living and working.

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Meet Nugget: One curious elf goes on an adventure at our Diavik Diamond Mine

Meet Nugget

One curious elf goes on an adventure at our Diavik Diamond Mine

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Collection of blueberries

Even superfoods need their minerals

Using aluminium waste to grow better blueberries

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Concrete staircase

A concrete solution to waste

Creating a building product from waste from aluminium production

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Dr Eve Langelier, Université de Sherbrooke’s Chair for Women in Science and Engineering

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Women in science promise to change the world

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Aluminium used in architecture

One More Reason to Love Our Aluminium

Responsibly produced and soon to be recycled too

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Titanium used in planes

Extracting scandium from waste

Pioneering a new source of a critical mineral

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Hope Haven, Labrador West

Shelter for victims of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic

Supporting our communities through the crisis

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Revolution-Al™ being examined in a lab

A new aluminium alloy is born

Stronger and more sustainable.

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Sustainable diamond

The world's most coveted diamonds

Beauty and integrity

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Elysis aluminium

Carbon-free aluminium smelting is a step closer

Revolutionising the way aluminium is made

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Modern explorers

Life, as a modern explorer

It really is one of the best jobs in the world.

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Aluminium bicycles

Five reasons you should love aluminium as much as we do

We're passionate about producing this high-quality, groundbreaking material.

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Ugly Butt the bear

Meet Ugly Butt

Not your average bear – but then, this isn't your average job.

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