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Courage and consistency are creating a more inclusive culture in mining

Last updated: 28 March 2024


Over 12 years, Christina (Principal Adviser, Equity, Inclusion and Respect) has seen our company evolve a great deal. In her opinion, we’re just now getting to the best parts.

I’ve been working here for more than 12 years. My role is about changing people’s mindsets to create a safer, more respectful and more inclusive organizational culture.

I’m passionate about how the work I do impacts our organization, industry and society today, but, most importantly, how it contributes to shaping tomorrow for future generations.

Having courageous conversations

I’m proud of the way we’re normalizing open and psychologically safe conversations. It’s something I’ve seen first-hand in Montreal, where I’m based. Last year, I facilitated a series of panel discussions on equity, inclusion, and diversity themes with colleagues and senior leaders, including our Chief Executive, Jakob Stausholm. Each panellist shared their experiences and perspectives in front of their colleagues.

It’s proof of the care and curiosity we have for one another, and that we’re taking collective responsibility for building Everyday Respect by putting our values into action.

Removing structural barriers

As an organization, we’re now actively working on ways to remove structural barriers for everyone, specifically underrepresented groups, in accessing senior management roles. That certainly wasn’t always the case here. As a black African woman and immigrant in Canada, I was thrilled last year when the Minerals product group appointed a black South African woman as Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Communities. A very meaningful and visible change because representation matters.

For working parents, we are creating guides for employees and leaders. These guides will focus on improving our people’s experience when taking parental leave. I’m proud to have contributed to something that will enable working parents to have a supportive and positive experience during such a life-changing event.

We can bring our values to life in our daily work by having an interest in colleagues from different backgrounds or cultures. We can do it by finding better ways to make the most of our differences. We can do it by offering support when needed.

Seize opportunities to share your views or experiences with others. Your efforts can help to shape solutions that can benefit many.

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