Investing in Quebec's future

Finding better ways

Investing in Quebec’s future, responsibly

Our operations in Quebec have a long history of delivering innovation and creating jobs. And now, we are launching a new phase of innovation with an investment of CAN$1.4 billion to expand our state-of-the-art aluminium smelter using efficient and low-carbon technology. This project will maintain quality and well-paying jobs in Saguenay — Lac-Saint-Jean, Canada, and help further Quebec’s leadership position in responsible manufacturing.

Leveraging proprietary technology and hydropower, the new facility will generate seven times less greenhouse gases than the industry average while producing enough aluminium to build 400,000 electric vehicles per year.

We are proud to be working closely with the Quebec and Canadian governments and local communities to help meet increasing demand for lower-carbon, high-quality aluminium for use in transportation, construction, electrical and consumer goods.

Investing in Quebec's future