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Buy Local North America

We have a long history in Canada, and we are committed to playing our part in supporting local businesses and contributing long-term socioeconomic benefits to Canadian communities. For us, buying from and partnering with local, Indigenous and diverse businesses will provide opportunities to help those businesses grow, and in doing so create jobs and opportunities for the people and communities impacted by our operations. This will help to build strong local economies and provide long-term benefits for communities in North America. This includes helping strengthen the capability of local industry, so businesses can be more competitive in the procurement process.

Our Buy Local initiative helps businesses near our operations bid for work with us, by:

  • Promoting upcoming work opportunities and enabling suppliers to register interest
  • Providing a dedicated team to support local suppliers through our procurement processes
  • Supporting capability building programs that strengthen and grow local businesses
  • Offering adjusted payment terms for Indigenous and small businesses
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Expressions of Interest

View and submit responses for our open expressions of interest in goods and services required across many of our operations, using our local, Indigenous and diverse supplier portal.

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Log in or register

Log in to view your supplier profile or register as a local, Indigenous and diverse supplier.

Canada operations

We have operations in Quebec, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Newfoundland and Labrador. In Canada, we produce aluminium, titanium dioxide, diamonds, iron and steel.

Supplier payment terms in Canada

We offer local, Indigenous and diverse Canadian suppliers shorter payment terms to ensure they are paid within 20 days of receipt of a valid invoice. These payment terms apply to businesses who meet our local, Indigenous and diverse definitions.

Shorter payment terms, and ongoing work to simplify and systemise our procurement processes, reflect a commitment to improve our partnership with these suppliers.

For more information about our payment terms, please contact

Buy Local North America tools

Rio Tinto Buy Local North America - Our Approach
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Ariba Sourcing Quick Reference Guide for Suppliers
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