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Finding better ways 

From pioneering land agreements with Indigenous people in Australia in the 1990s, to being the first company in the world to have our aluminium certified as responsibly produced, to building one of the world’s largest robots: our drive for continuous improvement keeps us moving forward. 

Introducing our most intelligent mine

Our $2.6 billion Gudai-Darri iron ore project is set to be our most intelligent mine. In addition to technology already in use across Rio Tinto, such as autonomous trucks, trains and drills, Gudai-Darri has more than 70 design innovations in scope.

We will use fully integrated mine operation and simulation systems, such as digital twin technology. Pioneered by NASA, digital twins are virtual models of a physical environment – like a space station – that let you quickly test different situations. These twins combine data from actual processing plants with historical information – about things like design and production. This gives our people in the field and at our remote operations centre the ability to access the same information and make decisions, based on real-time data, in seconds instead of hours or days. We can also safely test ways to increase production without breaking parts or disrupting operations.

Gudai-Darri will set a benchmark for our industry in terms of automation and the use of data – making mining safer and more productive.

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Partnering to innovate

Our growing network of partners - governments, communities, customers and suppliers - is helping expand our thinking, capabilities and ability to deliver mutual benefit
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Smart mining

By combining this data with clever analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, we are making our business safer and more productive