Our approach

Our approach

The way we work / 03:15

We are committed to delivering lasting benefits to the communities where we work, as well as to our shareholders and employees.

Like all international companies, we operate in a complex, interconnected world.

Our code of conduct, The way we work, helps us manage these risks – and take advantage of the opportunities. It also allows us to maximise our impact in and contribution to Mongolia.

Health, safety and the environment

Safety: Our number one priority.

We put the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and communities above everything else.

We believe all fatalities, injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable – and we are committed to the goal of everyone going home safe and healthy every day.

Our work codes and practices are designed to make sure safety is second nature to everyone who works for or with us.

Three simple mantras underpin this:

  • Make safety the first part of every interaction
  • Stop work and speak out when health, safety or wellbeing is potentially at risk
  • Regularly check in with colleagues and partners to ask how they are doing

Protecting the environment

For Rio Tinto, making a contribution to the places we live and work means, in part, producing the metals and minerals the world needs in a responsible way. This means sharing the benefits our business creates and minimising any negative impacts on people, communities and the environment.

In Mongolia, one example of this is the water recycling programme at Oyu Tolgoi that uses advanced technology to recycle more than 85 per cent of the water used at the operations.

Investing for the long term

We are here in Mongolia for the long term. We believe that Oyu Tolgoi has the potential to deliver valuable high-grade copper through the end of this century. The tax revenues alone promise to have a transformative effect on the Mongolian economy, while we anticipate high quality employment opportunities to benefit society directly and indirectly.

Many of the skills and global expertise will be transferable to other industries. And the introduction of cutting-edge mining technology, such as block-caving, can help make Mongolia an industry leader.

Mongolia's next generation of talent

Mongolia's future is its young people. Oyu Tolgoi has been running its youth development programme since 2013; so far, about 1,000 high school students have received extra study and career development support. The best participants get domestic and international scholarship opportunities as well as a chance to participate in our graduate development programme.

From 2010 to 2016, we awarded 260 domestic scholarships, and another 36 students studied abroad as part of the international scholarship programme.