Global opportunities

Global opportunities

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Australia is home to around half of our global assets. We produce iron ore, coal, bauxite, alumina, aluminium, uranium, diamonds and salt from more than 30 operating sites and processing plants around the country. We also have offices in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

An operation of this size is constantly looking for candidates with the talents and energy to join our enthusiastic and experienced team. That's why we offer a range of Graduate Programmes, Vacation Programmes and Scholarship opportunities across the region.

So if you think you've got what it takes to join a global leader in the mining and metals sector, check out some of the opportunities.


Graduate Programme

Our exclusive graduate programme provides you the opportunity to work for a business that's making a meaningful difference in the way we resource the world; whilst developing the skills of future expert leaders; and creating a legacy that will improve the lives of millions of people globally.

We challenge you to be the progress.

Graduate Excellence Path

Our Graduate Excellence Path (GEP) gives you a learning platform designed to develop technical experts and future leaders of tomorrow, whilst preparing you for a career with us.

You will have access to a wide selection of learning tools designed to accelerate your growth, including coaching, mentoring, webinars, access to leadership content and collaborative networks.

Vacation Programme

Are you in your second-last year at uni? If so, our summer vacation programme may be for you. Vacation work extends over a 12-week period from early December to late February. Most of our Australian Business Units offer vacation opportunities to students. Advertising will commence mid-year.

Indigenous Cadetships

If you’re a full-time uni student from an indigenous-Australian community, our cadetship programme will get your career started!

Here’s how it works: our Australian Indigenous Cadetships are part of the Commonwealth Indigenous Cadetship Support (ICS) programme. ICS gives financial assistance and vacation employment to indigenous uni students. To apply, simply enrol in ICS from your first to fourth year of uni, depending on your course structure.

Why apply for a cadetship?

Why become a Rio Tinto cadet? Because of the benefits! They include:

  • Twelve weeks’ paid vacation employment
  • Career development
  • Mentoring
  • Technical skills development
  • Experience in a global workplace.
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychology
  • Business/commerce

How do I apply?

Graduate Programme

When do I apply?

Applications are now closed and will reopen in March 2019.

Vacation Programme

Who can apply?

Students in their penultimate year of university.

When do I apply?

Vacation roles will open in July 2018.