For 100 years, we’ve been doing business in Canada. We’re part of the fabric of the vibrant cities and towns where our teams live and work, and we’re deeply committed to helping our communities thrive.

We listen to our neighbors and focus on the things that matter most to the community:

  • Helping local businesses grow
  • Building and maintaining vital infrastructure
  • Educating our young people
  • Improving public health
  • Protecting our environment


Across Canada, Indigenous students are working toward degrees, diplomas and certificates. They’re apprenticing in the skilled trades, and they’re upgrading their education, so they can get into school or go after a career. We’re helping them do it.

Rio Tinto is committed to fostering development in the communities where we operate. As part of this goal, we contributed $1 million to the creation of the Rio Tinto Award for Indigenous Students, administered through Indspire’s Building Brighter Futures program. Our contributions were matched by the Canadian government, providing a total of $2 million in bursaries for Indigenous students.

Since 2015, our award has funded more than 1,300 Indigenous students. Ninety three per cent of the students who Indspire supports graduate, ready to realise their incredible potential and be leaders in the community.

Learn more about Indspire.

The Breakfast Club of Canada

Every day, one in five of our nation’s kids are at risk of missing breakfast and, along with it, the opportunity to grow, do well in school and go after their dreams. Our partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada helps feed 167,271 students in 1,455 schools from coast to coast.

Pathways to Education

In many of Canada’s low-income neighborhoods, the high-school drop out rate is near 50 per cent, and it’s taking an enormous toll on our kids, our communities and our economy.

We work with Pathways to Education to help young people stay in school, with remarkable results. In communities participating in Pathways programs, average high school graduation rates have risen 75 per cent.

Nechako White Sturgeon Hatchery

Once a year, elementary school kids in British Columbia get to release 600 newly hatched white sturgeons into the Nechako River. The Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative built and runs the hatchery. We help support it, and on the day hatchlings are released, we’re there to celebrate with the community.