Message from Head of Procurement

Message from Head of Procurement

Ramsay Chu, Head of Procurement

I want to thank our current supply base for your tireless efforts and value-creating partnerships that enable us to achieve our goals.

I recognise that for Rio Tinto to be the best at what we do we need to rely on strong supplier relationships at a global and local level. We need to partner with businesses large and small that share our commitment to health, safety, the environment, communities, integrity, cost effectiveness, quality and human rights. And we need you, our suppliers, to share your expertise to help shape new ways of doing things and identify opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement.

For Rio Tinto, sustainable development is of great importance. In the procurement context it means ensuring that local communities have the opportunity to actively participate in the economic activity resulting from our operations. We are committed to a sustainable supply chain with a focus on safety, economic prosperity, social wellbeing, environmental stewardship and strong governance.

So my challenge to you, be you a long-serving supplier or prospective one, is: what value can you bring to Rio Tinto and to the community you operate in, in a way that adds value to your business too?