Iron Ore local procurement programme

Iron Ore local procurement programme

Rio Tinto aims to strengthen communities wherever we operate. One way we do this is through our local procurement practices to deliver benefits for communities, suppliers and our business.

Our procurement practices, and those of our contractors, help sustain many Western Australian businesses and, in turn, local communities. Improving these practices, with increased opportunity for local suppliers, can both boost local economies as well as provide us with cost competitive, reliable and high quality services.

We are committed to maximising opportunities for local suppliers to be part of our supply chain and support enhancing the capability and competitiveness of local suppliers, in key areas such as safety, risk management and commercial value. Ultimately we want to make it easier for local suppliers to compete for contracts, as in turn this enhances contributions to local economies.

The local procurement programme aims to support local businesses across the state to bid for work with Rio Tinto through the following activities:

  • Local procurement portal
  • Dedicated local procurement team
  • Increased collaboration with suppliers
  • Local procurement workshops
  • Partnering with business development specialists to build supplier capacity

Under the programme Rio Tinto’s dedicated team improves links to the company’s procurement opportunities with local suppliers.

The local procurement portal includes more information including details on the policy as well as upcoming opportunities for local businesses.

Payment terms

Faster payment terms help our suppliers manage cash flow and help our local business partners to grow.

Australian suppliers with spend less than $1 million per year are on net 30 day payment terms. Standard terms of net 45 days apply to larger businesses.

For more information, email us.

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