Becoming a supplier

Becoming a supplier

Our needs

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Fixed plant & equipment
  • Logistics, mobile equipment
  • MRO & Consumables
  • Production consumables
  • Services

Supplier pre-qualification

What it is

The Pre-qualification audit will be completed before a supplier is engaged, and the process includes an onsite pre-qualification assessment and a background investigation supported by an online database.

Why we do it

Supplier pre-qualification processes are important for Rio Tinto because they help us identify possible risks and allow us to take mitigation measures as necessary. Prospective suppliers will receive a pre-qualification letter that outlines our expectations and highlights our engagement process.

Download example pre-qualification letter

Supplier support

  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Support: HSE Audit, HSE Development & Action Plan, HSE Training, HSE Awareness Tool & PPE, HSE Supervision, HSE Forum
  • Rio Tinto Procurement Emerging Markets Supplier Recognition Program