Our value chain

Our value chain

Governments and communities want assurance we are sharing the value we create through taxes, employment, procurement opportunities and local investments.

Our customers are looking for greater transparency about the minerals and metals we supply. They want to know that our materials have been produced in responsible ways.

Our commitment to sustainable development extends from the way we extract materials from the ground through to the way they are used by our customers. We seek to achieve high industry standards and expect this of our value chain partners too.

We’re achieving a sustainable value chain through supporting economic growth, working with our suppliers and customers and managing the impacts of our products across their life cycles.

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Rio Tinto Kennecott operates our large copper and gold mine in Salt Lake City, in the US. This mine has been running for more than 100 years and has generated great value not only for shareholders, but also for the community. Throughout the mine’s history, no other single private sector operation has generated more production, exports, income and employment for as many years in Utah.

Jean-Sébastien Jacques, chief executive


in capital invested in new projects

Sharing the benefits

Our economic contributions are part of the lasting benefit we make to the countries and communities where we work.

We create value in many ways. Our metals and minerals are transformed into end-products that contribute to higher living standards and human progress. We support economic growth as a major employer, taxpayer and buyer of goods and services where we operate. And we help build communities by investing in education and training initiatives, local services and infrastructure such as roads.

Promoting responsible practices from mine to market

In our globally connected world of widespread trade, materials pass through many hands before reaching the end consumer. One of the challenges we face is implementing effective control and assurance systems across our global supply chain.

One way to achieve this is by seeking suppliers whose values are consistent with ours. We clearly communicate our policies to our suppliers and conduct regular training with our internal teams. All procurement employees are required to complete human rights training.

We play an active role in industry stewardship programmes such as the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, the Responsible Jewellery Council and the World Diamond Council. We work with our supply chain partners to conduct life cycle assessments of our products.

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