Reporting what matters

Materiality is the guiding principle that ensures reporting is relevant, credible and focused on what matters. Our materiality process is in line with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidance. It identifies the issues most important to our stakeholders and our business, and helps us better inform markets and society about our sustainability activities.

The process of issue identification involves:

  • Gathering information and opinions from stakeholders
    In 2015, we consulted with investors, suppliers, industry groups, NGOs and peer companies. This combined with media reviews was used to assign an external rating for each issue.
  • Assessing the external impact of sustainable development issues
    A materiality matrix was then created to plot external stakeholders’ level of concern against the current or potential impact on our business and our compliance with policies and commitments.
  • Considering the importance of these issues for stakeholders
    Each issue was given an impact rating of “low”, “medium” or “high”, from both internal and external perspectives in relation to our sustainable development performance. An impact can be either positive or negative.
  • Looking at their relevance to the mining and metals sector
    We also consider other industries in addition to the mining and metals sector.
  • Evaluating the impact of sustainable development issues on our business
    We evaluate the impact on our brand, relationships, production, ability to meet customer needs and the implications of non-compliance.

Issues that were highly material to both our external and internal stakeholders and at least high-to-medium are reported in the Annual report and in our GRI report. The issues that meet the materiality threshold are linked to GRI aspects and we map the boundaries where impacts could occur.

The Sustainability Committee reviewed and approved the results of the assessment.

Materiality matrix

Material issues for 2015

We report issues that are of high importance to both us and our stakeholders in our Annual report, with topics of medium to high importance reported in this Sustainable development report.