Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity

Essential for human progress

At Rio Tinto we believe that all people – regardless of race, age, culture, gender, or religion – should be treated with fairness and respect, in an engaging and inclusive environment. An inclusive approach to employment makes good business sense as well, improving our resilience and capacity to innovate.

Through building relationships based on mutual trust and respect we are working hard to encourage better gender balance, and to ensure that our business is supporting the communities in which we operate.


Weipa community staff Weipa community staff

Principles underpin our approach

We value the strength that a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture bring to our business. We’re committed to:

  • creating an engaging and inclusive work environment in which people feel involved, respected, valued and connected
  • attracting and recruiting diverse candidates and creating pathways for all employees to learn, grow and develop
  • building an organisation with strong leaders who are aware of their biases and inclusive of all

Our employment practices also ensure that we:

  • hire people on the basis of job requirements and don’t discriminate on grounds of age, ethnic or social origin, gender, sexual orientation, politics, religion, disability or any other status
  • employ people with disabilities and make considerable efforts to offer suitable alternative employment and retraining to employees who become disabled and can no longer perform their regular duties
  • do not employ forced, bonded or child labour


weeks' paid parental leave to all employees

Diversity in action

Rio Tinto is committed to increasing the representation of women in mining, and support initiatives that celebrate their achievements in our industry. We were delighted to have five women shortlisted in the Women in Mining UK's 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining Project. They are just some of the women making a significant contribution to our business and building fulfilling careers with us. We're also proud of our male employees who are advocating for more women to join our industry. In 2017, for example, Vince Lavery from our Weipa and Gove bauxite operations was named Gender Diversity Champion in the Queensland Resources Council’s Women in Mining awards.

We have introduced a global paid parental leave standard for all employees. The new standard provides 18 weeks of leave at full pay to an employee – regardless of gender – who is the child's primary caregiver. This initiative aims to give parents maximum flexibility in their early childcare choices.

We have also produced a package of initiatives to protect and support families affected by family and domestic violence. To support this initiative, in 2017 our Australian business undertook the path towards White Ribbon accreditation, which recognises workplaces that are taking active steps to stop violence against women.

We strive to increase the representation of local and Indigenous peoples in our operations. In Australia we are already one of the largest private sector employers of Indigenous people. In 2017, 94 per cent of Oyu Tolgoi's workforce was Mongolian, and 20 per cent were from the local Umnogovi province. Nearly a quarter of employees at the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada are Indigenous.

Travelling down a long road

As a business, we value the strength that comes from having teams of diverse people, working within an inclusive environment. Diverse teams contribute different points of view, enrich communications, build understanding and agreement, and ultimately find better solutions to complicated problems. By building a workforce that cuts across all classes, races, religions, cultures, and genders, we are encouraging a society that moves forward together, leaving no one behind.

We have targets for the percentage of our graduate intake and our senior leadership team who are women, and for the nationals from regions where we are developing new business. We also measure inclusive leadership behaviours through our biannual People Survey. Whilst we have more work to do, we are committed to creating an environment and culture which allows our employees to contribute to their fullest and feel engaged and included at work.